Life as a Videographer (2/2)

In this half I had a sit down chat with Tom Oliver, my ‘would be’ manager and ‘would be’ boss for the last 15 months in Coventry University’s Marketing and Comms. In the chat we talked about the importance of CV’s and show reel presentations, skill sets and his take on life after graduation.

CV and showeel.

In terms of CV’s, especially in the creative industry, Tom suggested making a ‘bold’, ‘stand out’ CV as opposed to something business like – something which was completely different to my proposal form suggested by the careers advice meeting. He also suggested, as with any job, ’employers will go through 120 CV’s’ and you simple have to do something different.

In terms of showreel, in which I want to start a fresh when I have got the film cleared, Tom suggested putting in not just my best clips but things like an After Effects work that I have done just to show employers, when they watch my reel, what you did on each segment.

Skill set.

In terms of skill set,  as I have been told before to some degree, diversifying what you can do, picking up as many skills as you can do, will help hugely in securing work. Employers want to absolutely maximise the skill set of the person they are employing so being flexible to change is really important when showing your skills. A good way to do this is to have a good ‘base skill’ and work around ‘dipping into others things’ as I go along.

Tom also said that he had obviously seen improvement in the quality of work but would have liked to have seen me use After Effects more but given the nature and time (something I’ve obviously managed well) it perhaps didn’t give me that freedom.

Looking at where I am now he told me that although the work I have done is good, ‘the world doesn’t need another 60 film makers’ much like X Factor, ‘the world doesn’t need another popstar’ – a quote I found very interesting.

Starting life as a Videographer.

Tom stated how he started life after graduation by starting freelance as well as having a part time job and building up his skills that way. Then eventually through a placement, he was told ‘start learning After Effects’ and after a period of time, got a job out of it.

His career path then is something not unachievable from my own. Given however I don’t own the right tools at the moment to do such things, they are my priority as well as re crafting my own CV and now, working on a new show reel to better this one:

After the chat, I don’t feel too disheartened by what I heard and is something, given that I work on it, is something I could easily achieve.

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