Lawyers4U it aint: Getting Legal advice on my film…

Today prized open a great opportunity to speak to Tim Francis, a member of the University’s Intellectual Property Team (IPR) and ask him a few questions regarding ‘The World in Red & White’ going forward.

There was many worthwhile things that was worth listening to during the talk, including some help by the University in assistance in Legal for those whose projects need it. For me though it gave me a chance to speak to someone ‘in the know’ about my film, my plans for distribution and more specifically, if there would be any issues in doing so.

I spoke to Tim on my desire to sell the film on Vimeo on Demand (a video sharing site, which would effectively, make a profit, taking me into uncharted territory – who would have thought it?) as well as my festival plans.

In responds to my ‘very interesting’ and ‘unique’ situation ( in which I also reminded him on past cases I had come across)  Tim has since took my contact details in which he has said that he would put me in touch with a media legal specialist to help me in this situation.

Secondly, as with many media/video legal conversation, I spoke about clips ripped from YouTube which are initially from other sources – In this case, my Arsenal highlights from 1995, 1998 and 2011. He agreed that in the clips purest forms, i.e straight like-for-like they would be unusable but as I’ve cleverly masked them, with no logos and zoomed in, it’s a very different argument indeed. Again, with a viewing, passed onto the previously mentioned specialist, we might have to see what comes out of it.

Some very interesting propositions came out the talk. Tim mentioned for instance, getting the product sold in the Club shop, this would be the pinnacle as I have a real world product for sure but for me, as Tim also put forward, getting it briefly mentioned on the Club Website isn’t enough. I believe, It’s good enough to make a small amount of money, if however small that is and when you start charging for it – it starts to become a different ball game. I think given its first-of-a-kind appeal, given its large market and its ease of use into said market I really can’t see why it should be held back from this.

The last thing I have to remember is getting back to release date for the people wanted to watch the film. In hind sight, maybe legal advice should have been sought after, but with any mistake, you have to experience it first.

I want to get the film out there on VoD (VImeo on Demand) before the start of the new season to create both a stable money-making platform and to also create a date for its general release. Given how ever the fact that I need to plow through the legal issues before putting it up for rental/sale means that time is now very short.

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