Sticking with the pitch: Vimeo on Demand – Digital Distribution

In the obvious trend that is the online market, video on demand services are the ‘current thing’ right now. People want content and they want to when they want, wherever they want. There are however  two sides to the coin, one which looses many jobs e.g HMV and there is another side, one which benefits indie film makers a lot.  

When initially pitching my film, amongst the festival dreams and the screening dreams, there were however dreams about making a small profit professionally from my film. Having failed to raise the funds for the film back through indiegogo, like I’ve stated – in steps Vimeo on demand.

I won’t explain the ins and outs of it but here is a link to something that might:

So in terms of the film and getting it out there, to essentially try to make some of the money back Vod will be, as the above video suggests, ‘the centrepiece of our digital distribution roster’. Here are then in 30 words or less a piece, reason why this should be number one:

1. It sticks to the pitch

In the films initial pitch I talked about how it would be available on Vimeo Movies – now for those who want to see the film, I’ve kept a good promise.

2. It’s consistent

The great following the film has got already will be un-alienated by this subtle change to the film, keeping them familiar and unnerved by something new.

3. It’s cheaper

After speaking to peers who use iTunes for selling, many know that iTunes takes a lot of money away, with VoD, 90% of the profit goes back to me.

4. It’s beneficial

With things like a great space to put film extras, storage, customisable design layouts and uber-quick upload speeds, as a film maker and videographer it will help me a lot.

5. It’s International

Distributing DVD’s on a worldwide scale just isn’t sustainable over long-term. VoD solves this by allowing me to make it worldwide, maximising viewers (and revenue).

6. Okay this is 6 not 5 points but – It’s accessible

Like the pitch film I talked about the variety of mediums that the film will be available, Vimeo is available on any device and any platform and I think you need that kind of model for any film.

Overall then some really stellar points as to why this should be my platform of choice. I do however have to weigh up the £131 account costs first (49 purchases  98 rentals) which I will need to make back. Then of course there is the legal dispute to sort out as well  before anything makes any money here.

…and what about good old, free?

Free unfortunately doesn’t make any money, but may increase exposure, people like free and may be willing to invest into further projects should they like what they see. Ultimately there is a lot to weigh up before general release in whatever form that will end up being.

Overall though, if all goes well, I’m very excited about the opportunity to put my film on this great platform, looking at layouts like this one, (The reviews, the trailer, the links, comments – I see it with my film!) I’ve really took some inspiration and can’t wait to become one of the many pioneers of this new generation.


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