Life as a Videographer (1/2)

Over my time learning different trades and skills, I don’t think I’ve really found something that I really, really enjoy – admittedly, I’ve enjoy things I’ve done, Italy,TWIR&W (The World in Red & White’), going and filming in different places and space but nothing has really grabbed me in terms of ‘Hey, I can make a living out of this!’. As a consequence, I’ve gone a learned all kinds of trades in my time, from presenting, to sound and TV running – but after I graduate, which one will pay the bills?

After my placement doing videos in marketing it is, unless I find something suitable, being dubbed a ‘Videographer’ is probably number one.

Haha...couldn't resit sticking this one weighed a ton!

Haha…couldn’t resit sticking this one in…camera weighed a ton!

One job site and a forum within it, when asked about whether Videographer jobs are in decline, many people in these areas suggest that it is getting harder with the pay in the field getting tighter and tighter. One poster suggested that the price of ‘Nikon Lenses cost more than what they want the complete job on’. One thing I found very interesting was another commenter suggesting: ‘Employers don’t want people who do one thing well anymore. They want people who are average at a variety of things’ – Seeing this kind of comment actually fills me will interest as that’s probably exactly how I see myself right now – the jack of all trades!

Moving that last comment on, another website suggests some hot tips for a Videographer and a list of things like equipment that are needed. From my growing experience in this field, I find myself getting comfortable, learning my knowledge on lenses, camera settings and things which I really struggled to grasp just 12 months ago. Things like equipment however, is something I will need to invest in during this role as the list suggests and maybe something like getting into a production company to gain a stable income to afford equipment like editing facilities for example may be the right thing to do. As a result of this list, I’ve also joined their mailing group to get regular tips and updates from them too.

Sign me up!

Sign me up!

Taking a step back and looking up what a Videographer suggests that they do include a variety of roles and increasingly knowledge on social media, GFX, good social skills are requirements of the job. Another thing noticed with being self employed and from experience (turning down shoots because of it) is transportation, something that really is my kriptanite. Thus like affording the equipment itself, is really an uphill challenge for those like the job forum commentors.

At present, with the wide skill set I feel I posses my main aim is to get into a production company or a company who is in need of a Videographer.

Next stop then is to find out what someone in my field thinks of all this, what skills are needed and any advice I can grab…

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