The Indiegogo Post Mortem…

Gloves on.

So in this post I will look at how the Indiegogo campaign went – what went well, what didn’t and what happens next.

In the beginning, I set out to raise £2700 with the slogan ‘2000 fans for 2000 quid’ flying high, it didn’t quite end up in that fashion having only been able to manage £390 from £290 website donations and £100 direct donations. This then is an obviously fail (at least in the literal sense) especially looking as I didn’t even reach my £500 minimum target. But like the proverbial body on the slab we are here to ask why this happened.

‘I didn’t see this until now’

…is a common phrase within the campaign and one which is probably the number one reason here. Being only one and a half men here, unless you work relentlessly on getting it out there, or are a number of people on this actively – the amount raised is about right in terms of effort and dedication – I’m actually quite pleased I managed to bag the external £100 from my work with The Gooner. Even now though, after the campaign finished and the trailer is out, people are still wanting to donate.

Maybe it was a market thing?

Even with the Arsenal market, I can’t quite help feeling that by producing the film about fans in the Philippines and Switzerland, the market is quite niche in the fact that say, a big ‘on the rise’ American market might generate should the film have been about them.

Man power

A big one this, unlike the Black Hill campaign, one person compared to five, older, experienced  networked guys might not cut the mustard here. For me, I should (and tried) to seek that extra help but for whatever reason didn’t get – showed how up against it I was. Saying that however, I did have a bigger market and that is disappointing.

What would I do differently now?

– Absolutely I wouldn’t go into this alone, I for one am not a tactful salesman and in this area I well and truly leave my balls at home. Marketing strategy managers are great but if you haven’t got the people to do the hard work – like what has happened to me – you are going to fall short.

What goes on with the money raised?

As put forward in my pitch video I will be going towards the website Vimeo on Demand as a place to put my film up for rental/sales. I believe after premiering my film either via the festival circuit as mentioned and getting the pre-order perks out to those who have brilliantly donated, putting the film out there, given how great it looks is the right thing for me and seems like a great platform for it.

I’m still absolutely grateful to those who have really shown their interest to the film, I can’t thank them enough. 375 pounds isn’t a huge amount to play with for distribution but it’s certainly money to go and make a start with!

Many thank you's!

Many thank you’s!


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