University Career’s talk

It was great to see that the University is helping with our options after graduation and it’s very hard not to get involved. With advice about our ‘plans for the next 6 months’ and after seeing at said meeting members (colleagues?) of the internal marketing team at the talk, it was also a welcome reminder of how far I had come in making contacts within the establishment.

So what of my options for the next 6 months and what options are worth considering given what has been said today?

1. Do I have worked lined up?

Yes and no really. I have a paid project after I have finished university proper but this is more of a high-profile favour and nothing more concrete in which I would really like. Also my marketing placement, which seems my only real viable option in terms of full-time placement; but that really could swing either way.

2. Further Study?

Although this seems like a tempting option I don’t think more study, given things like cost, self sustainability and the thought of more study in the mixed up mind probably isn’t for me. I can’t quite imagine having an MBA in something and no real career path but something I would consider in the future.

3. Go home Daniel, your spent.

The thought of going home is my second, if not first real option. Having spent 4 years in HE I’ve kind of had enough and its something that’s quite mentally tiring. Going home would also give me a chance of security and less ‘self sustainable’ pressure as well as a chance to get more experience in my local area too, maybe even a chance to save up for my own gear. Having said all of this, something said today caught my ear regarding being slack and unprepared as mentally stronger grads snapping up the jobs while the likes of me waddle home.

4. Free lance and business support

Freelance as a business model seems like a viable option but the thought of diving into this within the next 6 months including all of the business, possible more debts, more cash spent might not be what I am after. Saving up for kit etc however does and then creating something that resembles freelancing sounds more like it.

5. A word on Alumni…

It was also great to hear the talk of being part of the Alumni and after filming an Alumni conference in the last month I really respect the community and I hope that the media department pulls the finger out and takes this seriously. The networking and opportunities to talk to grads is really inspiring and a well worth it opportunity if there ever was one.

From my three years in Coventry I have learnt that it is not often easy, nor is it predictable especially within the ‘creative’ industry. I believe I can only do what I can do to prepare so a good CV and a show reel are the only things I will know I will get in the short-term. Opportunities will very much come out of nowhere, it’s just how I handle and ready myself for them which will be the challenge.

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