Meeting the Careers advisor…

As a continuation of my hunt for a lucrative place in the M&C department I felt it was time to step up and do something about it – or at least hear something about it.

I understand that the University has a really good system setup for getting students into work, things like The Futureworks etc and that must mean some kind of advisor or someone ‘in the know’. My aims here were to find people who maybe knew how I could speak to someone in recruiting or a name or even just some advice on how I could make the jump from ambassador to employee.

My adventure took me a careers advisor meeting in which in a nutshell I was told to make a job proposal, setup an informal meeting with the M&C director and drop the proposal in. During my talk I learnt a lot about how my contacts I had made over the past year are important, how the establishment works and how in a proposal keeping words like ‘stream lining’ and ‘cost effective solutions’ will be important to the proposal itself.

After the meeting and being told to write a proposal I found that I should perhaps take a look at some example job proposals as a start, what they mean and what it is.

Here’s a selection of what I found:

A job proposal, similar to a business proposal, shows a potential employer what you can offer and why it will benefit them to hire you. By creating one-page proposal, you show the individual that you value their time. It also shows your initiative and passion for the job.

Create a job for yourself by using an employment proposal to introduce yourself as:

  • a solution to an organization’s problem or
  • an opportunity for an organization to be more effective or profitable.

Employment proposals:

  • Are submitted to specific people at specific organizations
  • Are based on information gathered about an organization or industry that identifies a problem or need for an organization
  • Are usually a one to two page letter that outlines your understanding of the business’s problem and how you with your unique skills and abilities can solve the problem.

As well as the key words I was told to remember when writing the proposal up:

–       Save money

–       Streamline (easy to hire, efficient)

–       Business need

–       Demand

–       Solution

–       Team

–       Reshuffle

Also might want to include evidence of previous work and feedback from others.

So after all of this I have no created a ten point proposal bearing all the things in mind, the key words, the examples and the format and as of now I have scheduled a meeting with the advisor who will check it and go from there.

It’s at this point also, it got me thinking about others ways I could express my interest, like creating a video proposal or a designed up the 10 point proposal in a better format – just something different instead of the old ‘black on white’ formal thing.

My aim now is to get this sent and a meeting organised as soon as possible as I don’t want to dwell on this too much if the job isn’t going to happen. So overall this becomes vital that I can make this happen and find out something within the next couple of weeks. We shall see.

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