5 Weeks to go (an all round update)

At around 5 weeks to go, this is my usual update post which *should* be there until the very end…

The Edit – Where am I up to?

The edit hasn’t moved along as much as I would have wanted to as I have found myself being bogged down by other commitments. As it’s about half way through the month I know I’m going to have to work a lot harder from now on and make sure that my times in the edit room are not wasted.

Whilst away from the edit room I have been making sure I have gone through all the rushes to maximise efficiency during edit time amongst other things – its tough being a one man team ya’know?

I was inspired by a poster on the edit room wall which detailed the process of editing from initial logging all the way to sound and grading. By following this at least I know I’m going in the right direction.

The Edit – Where do I need to be by a month to deadline?

In short – all footage now needs to be logged, its time-consuming but it will have its benefits, as well as good progress made in putting the Swiss material on the timeline. I also know I should be transcribing my Swiss interviews but this *could* be skipped over if I find that its killing time.

It is also worth noting I am shooting extra material next weekend to top and tail my film so I need to be prepared for that too.

Composer found!

I believe I have a composer for my film also which I found through advertising on Vimeo. From Belgium (always lots of composers there for some reason) Raph has been keen from the start and has been putting sample tracks together which is great. I’m trying to get to know him more which I’m hoping will be good in terms of collaboration so it’s just a case of working through the film bit by bit. I have some rough ideas about what I’m after, nothing too heavy, more sample tracks for parts of the interview which are related to either The Philippines and Switzerland somehow (!)

UK Composer needed for cinematic sports documentary on Vimeo


I had used Vimeo to find composers looking for work before so using this network was from experience. By making sure I explain the project, importantly if it was paid, the kind of composer and  of course how to get in touch with me!

GFX Artist found!

I believe also that I’m onto a GFX artist now which I applied for on my ‘Skills Pages’ page and baring in mind also that only have a small budget and little ideas, he came around as keen and so far has been working on some samples for the film poster. I have more or less left this in his hands and will ultimately wait to see what happens.

Screening night

After speaking to my contact at The Gooner, Mike, he has asked if I wanted to be put into contact with a big Twitter name, Halyley Wright. She does quite a lot of things which are noticed on the Twittersphere and lots of screening nights and material with a charity I monitor now and then, The homeless FA. From what I know, she could be a really useful contact to have at this stage.

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