Switzerland Trip // Zurich Day 1

The Zürich trip to me, wasn’t as well planned as The Philippines trip, we didn’t have as much of a connection from the glamour and excitement of filming in the Far East. Also being jet lagged for most of the break soon led to a fear that this weekend in Zürich might be the film’s downfall but onboard a 6.30pm flight from Birmingham, I think we secretly knew that we had a job on our hands.

The first day in Zürich was a luxury in that we had the chance to get some nice B-roll material and get familiar with our city for the weekend. We setup to capture parts of the city, guerilla style and check out any potential interview locations. It was a stark contrast in terms of architecture, people and atmosphere. In terms of visual contrast alone, although probably not entirely conscious while there, probably looks great during the grading stage of the film.

Zurich Skyline

Zürich Skyline

As part of the crew Ollie Tucker, a NYC based, London photographer joined us too. I was very pleased that someone had actively wanted to join the film, I believe he also had his own project going and wanted to take some photos of the Arsenal supporters during the film which I was more than happy to accomadate to as well as our designated stills photographer for our time there. From day one, as you will read, having him was a great asset to the team -providing laughs, insight (especially about New York!) and just great company in numbers really.

That night we sat down in a cramped, local pub and met with Willy (The Arsenal Switzerland Founder, Vice President) and Kevin (a member of Arsenal Switzerland) to discuss the plan for the weekend, signing release forms, drinking beers and of course talking Arsenal.

Apart from that it was a quiet start to an interesting weekend there and with a pizza and a drunken stumble it was back to the hotel where the next day we were to be heading up to Luzerne and The Alps.

Me & Ollie at FIFA HQ

Me & Ollie at FIFA HQ

Looking back I am glad that we were filming this leg after The Philippines one, I think with such short time and lesser man power, the experience in what we wanted to achieve, setting up equipment and filming time came in handy and was very lucky we did so. Looking back I also realised that maybe my social skills, as both presenter and producer,played a big part. I became almost like Jekyll and Hyde in terms of trying to become friendly (presenter mode) and serious (Producer mode) at the same time and like I have said, it was great to have Ollie onboard as he really helped in keeping conversation moving and taking some of the ‘people pressure’ of me throughout.

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