Philippines trip continuation overview

While we still had time in The Philippines and time away from the pressure and confinement of the city skyline we hit some of the local small towns for some down time but also time where we could look over what we had done as well as getting extra material which we simply couldn’t get in Cebu.

In Dipolog with our guide we managed to get shots of the local coastline and fishing ports (Dipolog is famous for their sardines) and close up’s of rural areas with animals and of course the natural beauty of the place. The great thing about filming here is that permission is easy and by easy I don’t mean you just go and film but asking the locals isn’t difficult and they are more inclined to agree upon it which was obviously aided by the fact that we still had our guide in toe.

We also managed to film the indiegogo video (which has since gone live) and due to great planning and great locations it was a timely part of the schedule to film it in a very scenic and very unique location. The pitch video wasn’t too scripted and although thought through before hand, you kind of have to speak with your mind and your heart in these kind of moments.

During our stay we also managed to get time to produce some teaser clips for The Philippines leg (separate post) which we felt was the right call for people to get excited about the film and to finally see what the film looked like visually. We also pushed out images and stills from the film and made sure that our social networks and campaigns were fully up and running at this stage. As we unfortunately have no read social media experts on board the project, ultimately that leaves me with the daunting task of trying to fund raise, manage the rest of the PH trip, speak to external sponsors (The Gooner) and make plans for the up coming Switzerland trip.

Rice Fields, Southern Mindanao

Like a painting – Dipolog rice fields

unfortunately, towards the end our trip our production came to an end as a typhoon depression coming from the South brought bad weather and with that production was rained off for the last week or so. We nearly didn’t make it of the runway in Dipolog due to said Typhoon depression hitting the day before and cancelling flights but we did, and luckily my Visa stayed in the legal limit and we wouldn’t have to re book our long haul flight back to the UK. The repercussions of that, I simply shudder to think of at the time and am really quite thankful of our escape on time.

This bad weather ment that we were unable to get a few shots here and there and didn’t have time for film poster type material but overall we made an executive decision that we probably had enough material to cover this somehow.

And that really was the end of that, we were home, tired, exhausted and relived that everything went to plan all well and knowing that we were on to Switzerland in a matter of days.

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