CSW Sport: Initial meeting

Once again, another project had been found, it involved sport again, something which obviously resonates highly with me and one in which the dates and time schedule for this project worked in my favour. The reason of this I felt was down to two things: one, a well planned project coming to an end and the prior knowledge that usually a big project draws its head around April/May time. I only had to look back at last years BMW/MINI project to feel that although I missed out on working on an exiting project, I felt like it wasn’t my time to work on something that required a lot of time – maybe this year then?

So anyway, my thoughts on the meeting?

1. Noticing that I was one of the older ones at the meeting suggests that this is a good opportunity to put some of my experience and knowledge into practice and also gives me a chance to work with a different set of people as well which will be good practice for moving on to other things (i.e. graduation) in a few months time.

2. This project doesn’t have that big name association that the BMW/MINI project did last year so at the moment I think its hard to get really up for it. What this project does hold is a chance to work on something which has the potential for work in later life and a chance to work with names to put on my CV. For reasons like this, it’s my CV which is more important to me than my show reel. I already have some good material on it at the movement and hopefully I look to continue this streak with this project.

3. This will probably be my last chance to get involved with a project like this so freely, readily, available to start working on. Normally these kinds of projects end up getting out sourced to companies which ultimately want a fee. It’s good that organisations are once again picking the university to try doing these projects as well. This project will probably be one of my last chances to try out something new or concrete in a skill or a role in which I want to hone in on.

Over all then a quiet start to a project which could go either way. I don’t normally like to work on big, student led projects but as it’s sports based I feel like it may be more worth my while to step up and make a positive impact on whispered work that may appear in this area afterwards if the content is good not to mention the countless networking chances that may come from these videos as well. It will also be worth my while to capitalise on some extra work to round of my degree as well.

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