Production Diary: Day 3

Day 3, after the issues and tiny ashes of disappointment flickering away we were sure that the next day, after ‘getting into the swing of it’, would prove more efficient than the last.

We set out for a location which was very rich in Cebu history and being the only Catholic country in South East Asia, Santo. Nino Church offered a great location to film our interview with Maria, a girl whom I had been in contact with right from the start of the film’s inception. The church offered the hustle and bustle of Cebu with the sights and sounds of the more cultured areas of Cebu as well.

church shot

“I’ve been a fan for 9 years, so I’m used to it’ – Maria on the early hours Kick off times

One of the things I had found hard when Producing and Directing my first real documentary was creating that story beforehand. I had to make sure that the film had meaning to each of its locations and to almost map out how the pieces of the film would be put together. In reflection I am glad to say that I had prepared some kind of storyboard before hand, even if it wasn’t concrete, the film had a backbone supporting its narrative conclusions. It’s at this point that I have to confess that I have no idea of how well it will piece together in the edit due to my unease about storyboarding too much of the film – a turning point perhaps?

The interviews were very good and we managed to get the shots in the style we wanted the day before and you could really feel the chemistry between the team, Maria and Jet – if you have seen some of the production stills we may already have noticed this!

Lastly then, two things I want to pick up on. One good and one bad.

I’ll start with the bad first. Having looked back on the interviews my main concern at this stage is the hardship I found bringing across the best stories out of the interviews. Honestly, there is some really great stuff said but as many first time documentary makers may point out – you catch the best moments off camera when you speak one on one and in this case, I’ve found myself in a similar position. Ultimately as I have pointed out several times alone in this post, this is my first real attempt at a documentary film. I’m producing an international documentary set over two continents at the mere age of 21.

cebu shot

“I need to buy a house here”

and this is where the good bits come in. This experience, as a whole, will obviously help me learn as a professional and as a video maker in general. I think with all things considered, a lot more outside of this post(!), I have to take everything, every mistake, every moment of luck and gain and just move on with a smile, this film will be a triumph technically, contextually and I feel either way, as long as we don’t lose the footage to an untimely hard drive fail, I know deep down, what an achievement this has already been.

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