The World (wrapped up) in Red & White

Just as a mini break between production diary posts I wanted to include a recent partnership ‘The World in Red & White’ have acquired with another fantastic name in the world of football and in particular, football merchandise.

Maker of Luxury football scarves and all things cashmere, Savile Rogue have kindly donated some of their scarves for the film and for me to give away to some of the fans during the film. I am so delighted to have them donate some of their products because I have been wanted to purchase one but never could afford such luxuries!

Personally, I feel honoured as they have had good tie-ins with the Gooner fanzine and legendary Arsenal blogger, Arseblog and after finding out that they were also a two-man team and Arsenal supporters themselves its a brilliant tie in for us and the film itself.

Very grateful...

Very grateful…

For me this shows a couple of things here:

1. If you have a good product or something that people believe in – there is all the chance in the world that you may get something out of it. Having already established links with The Gooner, like in business, they see who you are working with already and this helps open doors,

2. If you don’t buy a ticket, you don’t win the raffle – and it really was as simple as that with this. Over the space of 24 hours and shear cheek, managing to bag some free products worth a fair bit of money is some very good business indeed. It’s these kinds of lessons that you learn from and much in the same way as The Gooner has, networks both present and future have been put into place.

Be sure to check them out if you’re a football fan as well and also enjoy a good scarf:

and if you haven’t already follow the film’s production on Facebook:
…and on Twitter: @RedWhiteFilm

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