The World in Red & White: Production Diary Day 1

11369_536506746389469_2032127149_n (2)

A surreal moment indeed

The flights from London Heathrow to Cebu had been kind to us, not only had we been over our luggage weight allowance but customs had also let us through with our mercury educed light bulbs as well (Anyone who knows anything about photography will naturally understand, anyone who flies with photography lights will understand even more) and it was late, dark and rather exiting entering the eve of the first production day of the film. I had to question ‘what the hell am I doing?’ for most of the journey and it was only when I rested my head the night before did the buzz of production excitement hit home.

Okay, okay, the first production day didn’t really start until day 2 but day 1 would mean a solid chance to get to grips with relaxing around the people who I would spend the next few days working with, talking with and enjoying my time in Cebu with. After some words of advice (‘Enjoy it, you may never get the chance to do this again!’) in my ears I was determined to both enjoy the journey but to take this project with all the seriousness in what, so far, had been a really well planned out project.

Day 1 then, as mentioned was about meeting the people who were contributing to the film, to discuss the film itself in a face-to-face context and to sign all the necessary paperwork for the film. It was important to meet these people up front and dive straight in, first impressions aren’t really my thing so it was the perfect chance to get these kind of things right. Being the films producer you have to make sure you sell it to them on the first go, to make them laugh, feel comfortable and make them not want to escape either. Looking back I felt like I got all this right – making sure that both contributors and crew mixed together – almost becoming the half way house between the two and in the end my job became too easy simply because the contributors turned out to be genuinely brilliant people, they were all too keen to talk about the film, Arsenal, themselves, myself and everything in between – it was all too good, all four hours of our initial ‘quick meet’.

We parted company on the eve of our first shoot – a quite expensive boat trip island hopping excursion where the plan was to shoot the interview with the Arsenal Philippines president (Gab) and one of the supporters (Jet), who had both paid money to fly over from Manila to join up with us for the film (not the last person who would commit money and airtime to join my project either) which was set to be a fun way to get out of Cebu and sample some of the Philippine beauty as well. So far I was more than happy with what I had seen from Gab, Maria, Rosh and Noel to be excitedly nervous to film with them the next day.

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