Length, Legal and Language – Last pre-production blog

This is the last blog before we start production. I am writing this with around 12 hours to go before our flight out, I should really sleep but I think I deserve to get a few things out before I go.

Today was the pitching session to Saskia Sutton, a producer who has been in the industry for many years now which is obviously great because I can hear it first hand.

After verbally pitching the film, Saskia gave some positive remarks about how the film is angled and the purpose of the piece. I also received some feedback which I felt was part of a misinterpretation of the film in which key areas such as my plans for distribution and what I wanted out of the film were not raised enough to backup the feedback on the areas that were discussed.

The first issue was the suggestion of the length of the piece. Naturally, I didn’t really have an ideal length but if I did it would be over 10mins but perhaps under 30mins. The feedback was that it should be around 8 mins long. It was suggested that student  films should be much shorter because they are too padded out but my query was that if my audience were to turn up and watch 8 mins worth of film – what would be the point? £3500 is a lot to spend on 8 mins of film, for me anyway – that works out at £440 per minute…I’ve heard of worse… but maybe not for me.

Secondly was the legal side. This was more straight forward. Get to the source especially around these trademark laws. Suggestions of calling C4’s legal dept was a good idea but it might be too late for that. We are working round and will ultimately decide (as a risk) on the day I think. We have heard some great responses but failed to get the killer answer.

Thirdly was subtitles which again was some film making advice on following through if we decided on mixing it up with the languages throughout production.

Fourthly was the title of the film, ‘The world in red & white’ which was clearly, in terms of sheer facial expression alone, was unmoving but without no promo material to hand, or any essence but my take on the film, at this stage, I would be hard pressed to change it. And that for me summed up the feedback session, some good advice, some not bad but not accurate given the overall context and circumstances of the film thus far. These kinds of things at this stage, without being stubbon or nieve are really only small pockets of real, useful infomation. I don’t know, it will be interesting when the post mortam arrives when the films done, only then will I be able to digest the creative workings thus far.

Anyway, flight tomorrow.

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