Thoughts on my pitch film

Here is the finished pitch film:

For the pitch video I wanted to make sure that some of the material could be used to make up a shorter, cut down version for other promo material. Naturally apart from being used as CW2 I didn’t want to start sticking in crap photos and things which just looked poor on my work. For me, it was a chance to talk openly about the film and to be used again for other material outside academic purposes.

I was inspired by Indygogo campaigns and their pitch videos who talk about the film in similar fashion. Obviously they don’t talk for 10 mins but again, CW requirements and I had to make sure that was done properly and ticked all the boxes.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 19.31.53 Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 23.01.46


NB – Above: Two screen shots from two separate edits – loosing all the footage from the first shoot (2nd image) made me realise how delicate backing up is – a real warning shot if you like. You can however see the difference in the edit stage – we rectified the image quality  changed the lighting setup and you can see from the above image how much this has changed and benefited the overall composition.

The material which was being discussed isn’t as direct as I could have been and I felt like the brief could have been altered to suit the project outside academic circumstances. I have watched a lot of examples from previous years and felt like it was too CW structured and didn’t benefit our own projects.

Overall I am proud of the film and even though it’s over ten minutes and includes a lot of footage which isn’t mind, I can’t complain.

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