Swiss Army! Initial thoughts and observations

I am really pleased to confirm that all the pieces of the puzzle are about all in place. The Arsenal Switzerland supporters club has confirmed the dates we managed to book our travel arrangements around and all but the hotels – logistically – are left to sort out. Personally I knew securing these logistical nightmares would be the hardest part and its safe to say we are all but there.

Here is a link below with one of the guys with the official Arsenal Media guys:

Moving this on, we can now look forward to what lies ahead in the rather snowy, rather cold but ultimately rather picturesque landscape of Zurich and what lies around it.

cebu-city Zürich

Naturally we wanted somewhere on the opposite side of the scale to the Philippines – places like Iceland, Poland, Switzerland (Russia?) all came to mind – unlike our 1st choice location in Budapest  – looking back now, as much as Budapest is a great city, it perhaps didn’t have that ‘opposite effect’ that Switzerland will have and ‘narativly’, visually, we have found the right balance.

Arsenal swiss also have some great comparisons to Arsenal Philippines, for example:



State of living



These of course are more obvious things but what’s more important to the film is the contrast of the sets of Arsenal supporters as well:

1. The supporters club in Switzerland is more established, it’s more governed and matured

2. Football in the EU is more dominant, ultimately there is more choice (Why Arsenal?) and with a wide range of successful teams in Switzerland (FC Basel, FC Young Boys etc) it will be interesting to get to the heart of how they feel about this as well

3. The nature of the people may well be more structured, controlled perhaps unlike the freer nature of the yet-to-be established Arsenal PH group. The supporters club then may become the focus of this leg of the film as supporters clubs are scattered throughout Europe

These above are just a few of the angles and thoughts which I want to find out as a fan. Having personally also a keen interest in global football and not just Arsenal, for me, it seems like a logical place to start researching and putting together solid ideas.

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