Enter the Fixer…

Firstly, what is a fixer?

According to media matchA Fixer provides logistical support, facilitates permit, custom, location, talent, crews, equipment, accommodation and transportation for filmmakers who wish to conduct filming abroad

…Which is exactly what I have managed to get.

Traveling to the Philippines and being such the environment it is we felt that we needed to acquire knowledge and expertise of Cebu City and the places we are filming around there. As we also wanted to go to areas which would alert any risk assessment it again supported the need for this kind of local knowledge.

Your charging how much...?!

Your charging how much…?!

Into the budget we folded return flights for Dave who is also President of the ‘Dapitan and Dipolog camera club’ and therefore also has skills with DSLR cameras and links to others who have as well.


He has had his work published in local press as well as larger firms such as San Miguel and Philippine Airlines.

These transferable skills will undoubtedly be crucial when working in the surrounding areas and will also be useful when we need to rig up an extra camera.  Also his knowledge of all of the local languages and experiences of living in the major cities there will prove all the while to the film.

This may be worth looking at trying to find before we enter production of the European leg of the film and has also made us realise the importance of these kinds of people in international productions.

I have also found some useful info including stuff about hiring fixer’s and do’s and don’t I found useful.



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