Creeping frustrations & some honest mistakes

As the final month before production is scheduled there is still a lot to be done but there has also been a lot that has happened prior to this post which is in need of some reflection and self-analysis. Being involved with a documentary film which only involves in the main two fairly inexperienced producers is always going to cause hiccups, I won’t lie when I say we go into every new day facing new up hill challenges with little more than a plastic sword of hope and a shield of ambition. Honestly when people say that film making is supposed to be fun didn’t have a go at this film…

1. Contributors – As I’ve said to many, what shocked me about finding contributors for the film was the sheer dead ends from talking to Arsenal supporters clubs – this is Europe, the home of football, why has there been so much disinterest? Even now, my main leads – Arsenal Hungary – have so much infrequency it baffles me. I am so grateful for what little contact I have made that I am still kind of happy that I have got some brief filming dates with them thus far. This problem has led me to continue other leads in true researcher fashion but the problem has led me into having to relight old leads which makes me sound so needy when I shouldn’t be having to do this. Much however unlike the Philippines where, in a country so unmoved by the le foot movement, contact has been high, clear and comfortable.

2. Finance – Financial issues are going to effect any level of production, I’m lucky the budget has been risen by 20% – not. The amount that I need to raised back has left the ‘crowd funding’ amount to rise that little bit more and also pushed us to apply for more grants. On the plus side IEMS has given me £400 pounds – the only way is truly up.

3. Kit – The above issues have left me with priority number two. Booking kit has been like pulling teeth, truly. My calculated approach to this project has left me with problems when booking out so far in advance. I am lucky to have gotten this far but trying to manage contributors, kit, flights, travel and all the rest in one is hard and without having the resources (money) to out source, I have been left to bravely fight the dragon on terms that aren’t my own. My experiences from last year have shown that I have outgrown and pushed the limits to the edges of a ‘student production’. The days of short films about poor Katy and her abortion are gone, for me the next stop would be joining Felix Baumgartner on the edges of space.

The realisation ahead of the weeks to come hasn’t sunk in yet – the size of, let’s not forget, this ‘student production’ shouldn’t to talked about as a student production no more. It is a project on a global scale where problems unfortunately  like the ones I’m having should be expected everyday. Sometimes I wish I had come better prepared  with more than that sword and shield…

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