QPR: The Four Year Plan (2011) – Director’s Interview (Research post)

Interview with director Mat Hodgson:


Film Trailer:

Key points:

:– Originally knew someone within the club

– First year was observational – watching things change, interviews with fans

– Club got on board – lucky it was a ‘lesser’ side
– Uncomfortable filming the players
– Only had a view as a ‘fan’
– If QPR were never going to achieve their goal – would have stopped filming
– Match day limpet

Other points of interest:

Although having not watched the film but having seen this and the trailer I do feel quite inspired about what I have seen and in terms of what he has said. During the interview Mat does not over complicate his explanation of his film. He talks about not diving into the production with a set parameter about what the film should/shouldn’t be but have rational thought throughout.
I think, and what Mat admits is that he was quite lucky in that QPR weren’t the club they were now and the access he had to the club and it’s staff, players and facilities were easier to get to than is now.

From the trailer the film looks to have strong visuals but comes across very averagely styling wise. The part that we want to look at here is the message and what from the trailer the film is trying to say. From the trailer it looks to be a very controversial film and especially controversial circumstances which are aimed at the then owners of the club. There are also mixed signs from the highlighting of many of QPR’s downfalls in the trailer that it was a kind of make-of-it-what-you-will film in which it’s open to the to make their decision in how to perceive it.

Taking away the thoughts that come from this trailer and from what Mat has said its vitally important that I get my angle across in the right way. I want the film to come across positive and feel good, and like this film I also want to make it look amazing too. Already from this trailer it seems like the rest of the film doesn’t conclude necessarily pleasantly but does try to show it as it is.

Also interesting to see it sold in official club store!


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