Chris Toronyi, Arsenal America interview with Jules Wheeler (A Research Post)

Looking at my twitter feed I came across an interview with one of the better known supporters who has a career in professional presenting which was an interview with the host of the Arsenal America podcast which I have just started listening to recently. The interview mainly about himself, the podcast and Arsenal America (The official supporters club in America) holds some really great, interesting stuff which I feel really connects with my supporters film.


The video makes aware that Arsenal is supported very much, very passionately around the globe and for my film in particular I think that’s a point that’s true but now become very accepted. Arsenal America, like many other supporters clubs has become very developed and has a very strong resonance around the globe and here in the UK too. With their own podcast being promoted in the UK as well we can see that international supporters clubs are really getting more known and more of a voice across the arsenal speaking world. Chris mentions that he gets listeners in places like Africa where they are actively wanting to listen and to be consuming Arsenal whether official or fan made.

For me and for Chris and Jules, social media has of course developed this. Developing your own voice, your platform, your audience and market puts you on a different ladder and moves you up in people’s perception and status.

There are lots of other interesting topics discussed like time zone difference, commitment and dedication to a club so far away and yes there is, I agree. For me that’s what I want to bring and show to the world, to highlight and support these people. Not then, to think they are absolutely crackers, but to confirm the commitment that Arsenal supporters should already know about our fan base.

Arsenal Philippines is a group that could really benefit from supporters groups like Arsenal America because they have an audience and people willing, as Chris says, to get fellow supporters to “be involved with their own product” which I think is a truly special thing. Here in the UK, that stuff is difficult because it’s such a saturated market and with the technology available here too, it makes it double difficult.

That’s why I want to take a look at my film because to my knowledge, no one has really attempted this kind of material before. Videos, blogs, podcasts yes but a forty odd minute film? No I don’t think so. Like many other supporters in an array of different countries are screaming out for recognition from the Arsenal community. Hopefully this film will help me stand out among such a truly universal group, even just to be known as ‘that guy who made that Arsenal film’ would be enough. Maybe there could be support for another journey to see another set of like-minded supporters along the way? That’s the dream anyway. For now, like Arsenal America and Arsenal Philippines, we both have a strong voice, let’s get out there and use it.

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