Arsenal supporters film update 04/12/12


It’s been quite a while since my last update on my Arsenal supporters film, a lot has happened since and because of the fast paced movement of literally everything, I will stop and look back.


Having made the plan to visit two countries for the film that means having to gather two sets of contributors and ‘stars’ of the film. The Philippines journey has been by far the more easier to get in touch with people wanting to be part of the film. I initially contacted a Philipino supporter via twitter on his profile and eventually through the powers that be I found a girl named Maria, who based in the second city of Cebu, is really interested in making time for my film. There was also lots of interest from the Arsenal Philippines community on their Facebook page and of course a few skeptics questioning who I was, asking about the sincerity of my project, but a lot we very keen to even make flights to be part of the film. Football, although not a ‘major’ sport over their  defiantly runs deep for the few who do care I am absolutely certain.

My other country has been harder to find and sustain regular contact to my surprise. I have been in touch with Arsenal supporters in Switzerland, Poland, Faeroe Islands, Norway, tried with Spain, UAE and a few others but for football, as such a big sport in Europe the response has been very patchy. Eventually and to date I am in contact with Arsenal Hungary and if I’m honest, it’s been difficult to really get quick, responsive answers but we are making progress and hopefully we shall start agreeing dates and activities sooner rather than later.


Documentary angle, research and inspirations

In terms of research I have looked a few sports films, documentaries and some Arsenal related stuff too. I literally have a page worth of ‘things’ that need watching sooner rather than later as time is running out very quickly here. Some of it has been posted into 360MC category, which will be put over soon. Some of the things I have seen is very interesting, some not so, again it will be posted up!


As a consequence of a pretty smooth transitions with Arsenal Philippines I have decided to book my flights, accommodation and travel arrangements due to cheaper flights (booking early and all that) with dates that seem to suit all parties. Before booking it was a consideration to try booking with airline company Emirates, who had recently signed a new mega million pound extension deal with Arsenal Football Club themselves hoping that there might be something in it for me considering grants they do and tie-ins with Coventry University. In the end we felt the application may end up taking longer than expected and decided to go with what was cheaper at the time!

Equipment and kit booking

Had a lot of difficulty with this and there is a lot to say regarding this. As far as I know this is now sorted and should be available for the three weeks we need it for through the media loan shop. Some of the kit we are reluctantly buying out of the budget kitty. I will post a full kit list in due course.


Press and Distribution

Quite exited on this.

Having originally wanted to try to screen my film in London after completion I have managed to get my first location in the biggest Arsenal Pub in the world, which has great facilities and surroundings for my film to be shown there. I am hopefully going to try a bag a second or third location, more ‘theater like’ just for contrast and interest for different audiences.

In terms of press, one of the writers for Arsenal fanzine ‘The Gooner‘ has offered to put something in there for me, I guess more after it’s complete or in the new year regarding that. Also there is talk about press in local London papers hopefully to get people to screenings, again more when completed/new year.






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