Blue Moon Rising (2010) Documentary Film Review

‘Blue Moon Rising’ is British a documentary film created by Endemol Sport in 2010. The film itself follows in the main, a group of Manchester City Fans through the 2009-2010 season. The film highlights the high and lows of the club and the reaction of the the group itself as well as other important parts of their life (apart from football) including their jobs, friends and family.

The film shows a lot of significance simply because of its relevance to the sporting world. As with television usually the content requires a lot mainstay of relevance to get the programme aired. Some  have even described it as a ‘window into history’ given it’s supporting relevance and importance. The importance being Manchester City’s rise from nowhere to becoming one of the wealthiest sports teams in the world.

The film being produced by Endemol means that the budget is usually high for their content. The production includes many well known contributors such as professional footballers Carlos Tevez, Craig Bellamy, Emmanuel Adebayor, managers Mark Hughes, Roberto Mancini and ex-oasis member Noel Gallagher. As this is an Endemol production they do have the budget to get these faces in. As is also true with their productions there are lots of locations and places where high access is needed to get the footage.

Technically the film is stylised in a filmic kind of way. The shots are cinematic and look more like they belong in a film rather than a documentary, however as this is dubbed an documentary film the shots work and create a very different audience reaction to the film. The shots include lots of movement and grace, they also look expensive with some of them requiring helicopters, blimps, slo-mo cameras to create that wide range and aesthetic. In the look as well there is broadcast footage and broadcast audio which helps create an authenticity and complement to what is already there. In terms of audio there is the iconic oasis soundtrack as well as made for purpose renditions of well known club songs recorded in studio.

The film has been really well edited together to really capture and hold the emotion of the subject which works really well. The use of split screen and alternating angles really gives different perspective dimensions and takes you along with the journey the fans are making.

The reviews and critics of the film were fairly positive praising it for its style and portrayal of what its like to be a football fan. The DVD went straight to number 1 in the sports DVD section and stayed in the top 10 for 10 weeks. In terms of other methods the film was shown in cinema and television installments which I think shows the places and spaces to be exploited for high quality sports films. The film was also directed by a BAFTA award winning director directing it throughout the season.

I think what this says about the sports documentary/film idea is quite positive in terms of what I hope to achieve. When the film is complete hopefully it will hold these high quality production values which these films deserve. Sport and football in particular is much more to people than a poorly executed film should be. If the Arsenal idea goes ahead then I believe I also have a good market for my film to be seen and appreciated and because of it’s appeal with the countries I may end up visiting, I think things are looking up.

As I have mentioned also, it’s a very technical documentary and in terms of replicating the visuals for my own film it may be quite ambitious but then let’s not rule out that kind of film look at a documentary production, I think it’s well worth exploring documentary films as a genre to forward think the styling of my own production.

Also in terms of actors or ‘talent’ it requires that kind of commitment to the production from them. At the moment I am struggling to find these kind of committed people abroad who want to me part of my film and for the film to honestly succeed I need to find these kinds of people who will open up about Arsenal and what they love. It’s surprising at the moment the lack of interest from clubs abroad about this film. Anyway we look on and hope.

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