Arsenal Supporters Documentary: Planning my Final Project

As is mentioned on my blog my initial pitch/idea has stated that I would like to do a documentary film on the International Supporters of Arsenal Football Club. The idea is to travel to a couple of different countries, visit the global supporters and to learn about them and their whole hearted connection to the Arsenal family.

This film as I have been told, is very ambitious, I understand that I have a big exiting, painful, nerve racking next 6 months ahead of me. There are a couple of variables that I wanted to discuss as my main issues and concerns regarding the making of this film.

1. Story

The idea of going away to these expensive countries and making a great looking film still needs a great idea behind it. Ideally I’m thinking of something quite general, something quite ‘fit for TV’ kind of documentary in terms of visiting, seeing what they do, interact with fans out there and listen to their stories and love for the club. The reason I want to do this is because in my mind I’m asking myself, ‘who wants to watch this?’ ‘Where can I get most coverage and the right level of understanding?’ and  ‘what would I most like to see in this film?’. Someone has mentioned making something more abstract, more interesting but in reaction to that, because of the scale and magnitude of the project in terms of funding, it seems like too much of a risk to be playing with fire so to speak. At the moment I am more thinking about the viability of it going ahead and sidelining adventurous story lines and thus, it’s a very tricky place to be in.

2. Actors, talent, locations.

Three points, same meaning. The places that I visit are dictated almost by the responses I am trying to find from international supporters, I have preferences to places I want to visit for significance to the club as well as their natural beauty for the sake of the film. As it stands I in in contact with three and several halves of clubs. The place with the main interest is The Philippines, they all seem very keen to be involved in the project and having found them through Facebook, I have been in regular contact with them. They tell me they are based in the Capital, Manila but there are several fans in second City, Cebu and of course many other places on thier 7000+ islands. Logistically this is great for me because I traveled there 6 months ago and have friends out there who could really help with this project. Not to get over exited but help with this includes links with the Mayor of one of the places we are planning on visiting, access to press (im sure we will get some), great locations and cheap living.

Secondly, Poland and Hungary, two clubs which with other central European, are quite linked with networked with each other. I have one reply from a nice guy in Poland who seems interested, I am just waiting on his reply and we may have our second story. Hungary is a bit less than that because although I have been in touch with the Chairperson and everything seems so nice, progress is slow and it gets quite frustrating. They are both very welcoming as part of the Arsenal family which proves my point about making this film, we all care for one another. The other contacts include Cyprus and Farore Islands, but progress is very slow.

3. Funding

Finding around £3000 isn’t going to be easy and I don’t want to end up funding it all myself. I have made a list of the places where money could be found, raised and donated. I think finding the first £1000 is defiantly within my grasp, it;s the second two that might be difficult. Anything will do from anyone at this stage from paid projects, crowd sourcing, money of excess baggage on flights, cheap hotels etc. Some places might need a lot of work for them to sit up and notice and for a project of this size and ambition, time is of the essence.

So this is where I am at the moment, I have a rough idea in my head of how I want to approach this time schedule wise. The contributors are always ongoing, fundraising will start on The 1st November and then I can start planning flights, accommodation, kit in December.

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