‘North London is red’ – Making the network (Process & Development) FOR ASSESSMENT


Throughout the module doing a project involving my FMP in some way was always in the back of my mind. The Arsenal supporters documentary was too big for me not to test the waters in terms of telling people about this up and coming film and with my memory piece, it felt right to give them my details and to make in roads with the people that influenced other Arsenal supporters to take note of this film. These people include, for example, The Arsenal Supporters Trust, popular Arsenal blogs and places where supporters know and love.

Deciding to work with ‘The Gunners Pub’ (Link here) proved such a big deal, having initially asked to come and film something with them (via their Facebook page)  turned out to be such a great decision. Filming the pre-Tottenham build up, one of the biggest games of the season (see previous post on that), insured that it may get some views from Arsenal supporters and also be a big enough a deal to allow The Gunners Pub to open their doors for me.

Having gotten the chance to speak to the Landlord (interviewee)  and Landlady, the film managed to get it’s first screening location at the pub, it managed to get (when finished) press in the local London papers and it managed (or will) manage to get some coverage in the number one Arsenal fanzine when it’s complete which is really great news and much more than ever imagined!

…and Development

For me then, it did not matter what I filmed because it was all about getting that opportunity to meet the people who ran the biggest Arsenal pub in the world and looking back the memory piece itself will always be known as the starting point for marketing and telling the right people about the film and seeing what they can do for me and visa versa.

Although the ‘North London is red’ video was shared via their social media outlets (Facebook, twitter, Vimeo), my own and of course others who responded in sharing it, it was all about having those first contacts in place in place for when the final film is finished.

Having spoken and heard a few views and opinions in a seminar recently, it is now vital that we look very strongly on making avenues now about where our films and projects are going. This film feels very lucky because it knows where it belongs in the world and it knows the eyes it needs to attract attention from. For my documentaries sake this momentum in telling the world about itself is vital and as I have heard from several classmate discussions, having people to do the telling is specialist job on it’s own and because it feels like this film can go far, it almost requires that someone other than me to do that!

The film industry is a business model and this film is no exception, I have invested serious money in this and it needs both a cash return and some decent air time for me to move on as a film maker and from the impact of this it’s the start of something both tricky, trivial but very rewarding.

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