‘Man at a Desk’ (Spectacle Conclusion)

New Edit (above)

The spectacle piece is by far one of the most disappointing things created personally.

This is of course much the opposite of the Entropy piece in that nothing really clicked and hence throughout the whole production I feel that I have gained nothing professionally. I didn’t deem it the ‘shit Christmas present’ for nothing.

In complete contrast to the power artifact the connection to the stimuli material in Deboard proved near enough fruitless. The creation of an initial idea only for me to ditch it left me with no time to start researching and creating a new idea and ultimately became a chore  unlike the Entropy video which I felt so involved with. Within such a small turn around time you have to bring your ‘A game’ and ultimately was left with a shit sandwich to munch on quietly.

As a professional I felt like I was going in the right direction after the power video, creating and experimenting with different technical aspects, playing with confusing theories and then to come from that – to this – just felt degrading. To improve that I felt like I should just have not gone ahead with the production and waited until a real more inspiring idea came to mind. An artist wouldn’t go ahead with a painting if he didn’t love it? Nor would a Videographer given the choice and being both I should have left it and walked away.

After swallowing the shit sandwich whole I had to deal with re-editing from feedback. Usually taking feedback and criticism is quite hard for me but having made the effort I feel a little less woeful and a little more happier that I took that on board and made the changes. Professionally you have to deal with feedback all the time and sometimes even if you don’t agree with it sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it and this time, I’m happy that I have done. In the media world and even in my marketing job at the moment, you just have to hear the opinions of others, take a step back and see others points of views which I feel I have done in the new edit.

Overall this is just something you have to take on the chin, a part of a learning curve of growing up and working professionally. I wanted another great bit of work to boost my already fledgling portfolio of creative work and once again, this hasn’t happened. The idea ultimately didn’t go for me here and there has to be hope going into the final word (memory) that will get me out of this blip. Taking a different approach in creating something for purpose rather than for personal for example could be one way to change things if I found myself buttering bread for a certain type of lunch time meal come two weeks time.


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