Feedback on ‘Entropy’

Today I gave the piece it’s first outing and the feedback was generally positive. The main parts were that the editing, choice of shots, audio was really well presented. I think the feedback on the technical side was really positive and I’m happy that I’m getting these areas right. The niggles I had with the opening shot was not highlighted – again, pleasing.

Feedback on the idea was generally good, it was interesting to see people come across the term for the first time with a few guesses on what the definition was. I guess that gave me a little control and led people to not fully understand it, thus giving me some breathing space critically from peers. A lot of people thought the piece was on ‘climate change’ but climate change as a theme, as a notion, is quite old hat and I wanted to evolve the piece, to jump forward and look beyond that. Overall I’m happy with what I have heard on that side.

The last bit of constructive feedback was about the ‘social entropy’ part, or ‘the walking guy’ part. I think what was said was that with the rest of the piece being quite thought provoking the guy walking part was quite mundane and obvious. To be honest, yes, I do agree with this but I feel it does work in that it makes sense and isn’t out of place. I have justified the shot selection but I could agree that maybe the actor needs more ‘doing’ stuff to expand on the obvious stuff that he’s already doing.

If I were to add more (would I add more? is there enough space edit wise?) I would perhaps use something quite though provoking like building a camp fire out of wood (signifiers of early stages of human evolution) or maybe getting into a fight to be quite mundane and then follow the theme perhaps? I’m not sure really, I do like what I have, not in a  ‘can’t be bothered with it’ way but with a general satisfaction of what has been created.

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