Entropy – An inevitable conclusion (CONCLUSION FOR ASSESSMENT)

Here is my finished Power Artifact:

Researching and Developing an idea…

As an idea I ultimately felt I reaped the rewards for doing the research and developing the idea. Through looking at power words, a range of themes/ideas and then picking the one that exited me, had that ‘thing’ which sparkled as a film maker and then putting the graft in, felt really rewarding. That, for me, is one of the things which I am most pleased about.

In terms of research itself it  has been put into coming up with an idea and not just focusing on the word ‘power’ and it’s meanings squared. The notions of entropy stemming from energy, thermodynamics, to the ideas of quite a raw and not fully fledged social theory in social entropy proved  application from research to idea is a good foundation to further work. My initial muse inspirations of course too have helped shape my artifact and I don’t think it would be the same without it, so again, the application and transition I feel was clear and rewarding.

Progression as a film maker…

Continuing my use of After Effects as well helped my professional development away from the course. Yes it’s basic text, colour correcting, image quality manipulation but it still had application.  I am however disappointed that the clips may not be show reel worthy as I wanted to use some of this in that manner but it was still a great exercise in homing some of the relevant personal skills I have.

One of the main points on the module is working on your turn around time and for me, coming up with inspirations, development and then execution proved that I can work in these perimeters and do so quite in depth as well.

As a film maker you also have to say something important and for me I felt like I had that chance to say something here. I have a passion and an interest in science and things that are deemed ‘smart’ for want of a better phrase. The theories which can be linked from one area to another like science and the social deeply interest me as a person and especially when drawn from musical influences like Muse who do these theories like they do, really gets me going and when I look back on this I can really feel that.

It might be a little late for influences but as Muse were one of main influences, this video from one of their main performances (especially 1:24) holds the values which I felt inside when making this piece. It has that feeling of ‘smartness’, ‘new waviness’, that I’m really struggling to define but can wholesomely feel inside.

‘Entropy’ then and the power piece offered a lot to me and was ultimately one of the first pieces I have done which gave a true glimpse of what I am today, both personally and professionally and if I can do more work which shows who I am it can be really inspiring to myself and to others too

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