Entropy – The Edit

Today I have completed the edit for my Power artifact titled ‘Entropy’, over all I am really pleased with what I have created and I feel I have left a great platform for the next couple of videos in the series.

To edit I used Adobe Premiere Pro simply because the programme is ease to use and integrates really well with After Effects and Audition. I played to my strengths as the deadline was the same day. Having used the Premiere near enough week in week out for work projects I feel that my efficiency with editing has shone through and I have started to present myself as a stable editor now. I am also happy to express my creative though After Effects as well (which I used for steadying shots and creating the text at the end of the video) which  increases my confidence and ability in these areas. Also improving in After Effects was one I the things I wanted to gain at the end of the year (see 361 category for more)

As for the edit I am happy with how it turned out and having an almost clear vision on how I wanted it to look and sound I am glad it has turned out that way. I thought it would be shorter in duration as I may had struggled with the lack of footage I had but in the end it was enough. I think I could have had more variety in my shots during the production stage and I will bear that in mind for future projects, but I got more out of it in the end than I thought I would have prior.

In terms of the edit progress I am pleased with trying new things out like overlaying, experimenting with opacity and the way the final piece comes across to the senses both visually and audibly too. The only niggle I have is with the opening shot in that it wouldn’t stable the way it usually does in post production. I think if I had to shoot one scene again it would be that and thankfully it isn’t a difficult one to redo.

In the brief it was also mentioned about using split screen or compositing, I felt my piece could have gone either way and was in a great position to work with either. In the end I decided to use compositing/layering as  it gave a nice mix of the shots without over blending them, especially the final shot which showed the match as the representation of light in the day/night cycle highlighted by the two clips. The match also held other connotations such as the notion of entropy but as I have stated, I think the day/night cycle shot works well.

As you may see I used some stock footage which was free on Vimeo, I used these to get the shots I otherwise couldn’t get due to restrictions, health & safety, legal etc. As a professional I made sure these were free stock clips and wouldn’t have proceeded so otherwise. The audio track was found from Audio Networks and the news clips were creative commons from Sound Cloud. I standby the use of these tracks and samples as a creative media producer and feel that I was justified in my actions in doing so. I must add that the news track featured a variety of different languages which helps on an international community stage too – it has appeal.

I think the edit in terms of ordering and narrative could have gone in a few different directions and I feel I made the piece fit in a logical way as it’s quite a thought provoking film already without blending it up some more. I didn’t feel the time was right to go completely crazy with the edit structure, as I said, I had to be efficient with it.

Looking at my work from a slight conclusion point of view I feel that I can clearly see my inspirations interests and research put into the film and I can see exactly where the effort has gone and the time it took to create the film which I think is both inspiring and encouraging.

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