Power Production

Today I have completed what I think is the majority of the production for my power video.

The first production took place at Marston Green, just behind  Birmingham International Airport runway. It was a nice location, big, empty and with little people to get it the way and was a chance to do some plane spotting which was nice! A lot of the footage was time lapse footage with a few cuts. Mainly it was chance to use the Canon 5D as well too. The videos, apart from being a test of how good we are at developing ideas quickly, is also a test of technical ability too. I feel I am getting more confident with using the camera as it’s very similar to other DSLR cameras however I am yet to see the captured footage! I had the style in my head and how I wanted the shots to look; they were to look quite menacing, dull,  abstract, held that authority but still remained quite poetic too. Having this however required object to film and that I didn’t have.

The second part of the production was just outside Tile Hill station and caught my eye on the way past on the train, on the way back I left the train to get the shot I needed. I was also planning to head to Rugby station to capture some other clips because I love the setting that surrounds the station, its very industrial, powerful and sort of ‘alien’ in the sense that it’s not in a city or a nice village, it’s very secluded and I thought some clips of it might make as good filler for the video, but having found very good, free stock on Vimeo, it might not be needed.

As for the other half of my video I had to use myself as the actor and from what I have seen yesterday the footage looks good, it’s just about finishing it of tomorrow and hoping that I have enough material before taking the equipment back and editing.

Lastly the audio. I have found some great tracks on Sound cloud from creative commons which is great news and having got my musical element from Audio Networks I think my piece is very environmentally friendly in that aspect which is pleasing,

In terms of the edit I am hoping it will all come together, I have a vision for it but if it all goes wrong I will be the first to put my hand up and say “look, this is awful, my mistake”, I am still learning and especially with a very quick turn around, shit will hit the fan, but I’m hoping to make the best out of it and we shall soon see.

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