Where to look for jobs and placements: A pre-graduate perspective

When it comes to graduation or even now when looking for placements, there can and will be nowhere to go and I think it’s important to know where to look for these jobs, who offers the jobs and what they want.

As it stands I have a paid job so this isn’t so bad but it’s going to be hard next year when I look for these projects or hopefully a stable full time job. First a couple of questions:

Freelance vs Full time:

One article here (link at bottom) talks about the advantages and disadvantages of being freelance. It talks about the freedom but also the financial difficulties of not having a steady income or health support etc. The idea of working freelance appeals to many however as finance is a big problem, especially for recent grads trying to find there feet and because of this I’d like to go full time when leaving university. Lots of websites such as Mandy.com offer mainly freelance work with small jobs, sometimes on-going but mainly that kind of paid/unpaid work which only lasts a day or two. I have applied for a few things on mandy.com however have been unsuccessful.

Location, location, location

One of the main things I have noticed is the importance of where you live. It’s notable that the bulk of jobs are London, Manchester, Bristol based with Nottingham rising slowly in the death of Birmingham. I spoke to a media guy on a shoot a couple of weeks back and he mentioned the price of living in London, it’s something we all know of and if we are wanting to find the jobs in places like London, we are going to have to be prepared for the cost of doing so. Also living in the right places can be the difference in getting a job or placement or not at all.

Places and People:

There are many websites which I use to find work and also people who help too, sites like the guardian, mandy, shootingpeople etc are good ways to find jobs outside of university. What has been a great revelation is the Professional experience Facebook page set up by the course which has put up plenty of work to help students like me find work. Also people at work, through networking  and giving a good view of yourself or recommendations has given me more paid work which has helped.

Twitter and following the right people has also been a good place to find jobs and is really easy to navigate. Following the people that interest you or have the position you do or work with also helps in the networking side as well as starter talking points in conversation.

I would say, especially with the internet we are lucky to be connected in such a way with people and jobs, it makes it a lot easier but at the same time with the amount of competition makes it a lot harder too.







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