Power: Words & Definitions

Personal words associated with Power:

1. Sustainability
2. Voice
3. Renewable
4. Ascendancy
5. Numbers
6. Money
7. Confidence
8. Fear and Hope
9. Boss
10. People

Here are a list of ten words which I, on a personal level, feel connect with the ‘Power’ theme. Each word has been thought out and I feel that each one has strong connotations connected to them. The reason why I have collected these words is to get a starting point for creating an idea and breaking the word down and drawing out new ideas and inspirations. By doing this method then, I hope that this can lead me down the path of ideas rather than by jumping at things hesitantly. 

Definitions of the word ‘Power’:

1. The ability to do something or act in a particular way, esp. as a faculty or quality  (Social)

2. Great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force (Personal)

3. The might of a nation, political organization, or similar group (Social)

4. Electrical or mechanical energy, especially as used to assist or replace human energy (Physics)

5.  The ability or official capacity to exercise control; authority (Social)

6. ability to act or produce an effect (Personal)

7. a large number or quantity (Mathematics)

8. defined as the maximum exertion of strength within a short burst movement (Sport)

9.  a supernatural being, deity, or force (Spiritual)

10. physical strength and force exerted by something or someone (Personal)

Web definitions will also help to bring in ideas, words or views to help construct an idea or a spark for more research. I have found these words to have different connotations with social, personal and spiritual themes which will hopefully lead on to more research around these ideas.

Elaborations on personal words:


In a world where natural resources are beginning to run out, sustainability and in particular sustainable energy is vital for continuing healthily as a planet. From using methods such as solar, tidal and wind we can help become a greener planet and help to progress as a race. Other methods too, however unproven fully scientifically, can help lead the way in the fight for Co2 reduction and thus improving life ecosystems globally.


Technology and in particular the growth of the Internet has given everyone a chance to develop some kind of voice. Whether through more common methods such as social networks or through specific mediums such a video, audio or photography, everyone in this age has the chance to develop and express their own voice. Ultimately however it is what is done with that voice which can create a difference and where the complications and implications begin. Whether this is doing something positive such as a topical blog or something negative such as harassment or bullying. Everyone has a voice.


Much in the same vein as Sustainability, thoughts of renewable are much the same. The need for renewable sources and renewable energy are screaming out and should be at the forefront as a generation going forward. Many car companies talk about renewable systems but in fact these should be here now and not just exclusively for niche audiences. New models and systems also in homes and businesses should be looked at as a way to improve our green footprint as the current models are not working in the way they should.


Often I think of power as being high up or above-looking-down. I think of having the penthouse suite at a hotel or having the riches to fly a helicopter or a plane looking down over a city or landscape. Working hard or getting a promotion at work has the connotations of climbing the ladder to bigger and better things and therefore developing this unfathomable height to power.


Whether it be the numbers (larger the better) in a bank account or ranking system (lower the better) numbers are factors which have the power to label and distinguish one from another. I think numbers also have connotations associated with them too from ‘being number 1’ or the ‘million dollar’ something, numbers are very powerful when it comes to things in our life. Numbers also hold secrets and passwords and unlock vaults and safes which I think are powerful things, not forgetting the psychology numbers hold…


No list of power items in the world would be complete without money or some sort of currency or token to comply with. The notion here being that the more you have the more powerful you are. From examples of hierarchy wealthy to social status, money controls a lot when it comes to people of the world. But before money was the word, tokens, offers and strong bargainable gestures would hold authority and ultimately we can see or sense this kind of model happening now.


I think this word is more of a lived experience that we can see and feel in our lives whether it’s in a job interview or performing on stage, confidence gives us the power to do great things but without it takes away this attribute.Confidence in other people empowers us to believe and have hope but at the same time could lead us down false avenues and believe things which aren’t true. Confidence in what we see and how we feel emotionally can then lead us down a real avenue of mixed emotions.

Fear and Hope

Much in the same way as confidence, fear and hope are big words which are lived and experienced. Fear and Hope empower us both sides of the spectrum as mentally and emotionally they can do and take away parts of us. Fear can cripple us and block out everything we have and hold dear and make us feel like a child. Hope can inspire great things in us and believe again that we can achieve. Both sides can and are tormented by each other and cannot exist without each other.


The term boss has quite an iconic feel to it. It creates mental stimuli for many people and often in holds the notion of authority and law. The term boss also liquidates, transfers and transforms in many different sectors in life, from home, to business and work and to folklore and media, people understand ‘The Boss’ and have many opinions on who or who not that entity may be.


This one speaks well for itself considering the that people make things happen, people make news, people make opinions and people make media what it is.. People together can make change and are ultimately powerful together as a unit.

Much in the same way as my personal definitions of power, I have decided to elaborate on my own words to help me understand my own reasoning behind my choices. At this stage it is interesting to find that I am getting more out of my thoughts in terms of ideas than I had previously imagined. I feel quite drawn to the ‘numbers’ word as I would quite like to explore the power behind numbers and figures and their importance to us in some way or another. I have also heard many conspiracies and chatter about their importance in many word events and organisations too therefore may well be worth further exploration. 

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