The Canon 5D is predominantly a photography camera however for the sake of this post, I will look at it from a video point of view.

The 5D is a full frame 12.8MP DSLR camera. It has a 2.5” LCD screen which can also be hooked up with an external monitor. Just like other DSLR cameras interchangeable lenses are available with the current 24-105 kit lens.

Shooting footage on the 5D has its pros and cons with one of the main advantages being its size. The camera being the same size as other DSLR cameras means extreme portability and ease of use to set up. The fact that it appears to be a photography camera means less attention is drawn to you when shooting footage but also means that for many, they may not take you seriously.

This portability makes it easier to travel with both home and abroad, getting into tighter places and spaces and all round ease of setup generally. The 5D then works well for documentary, film and generally anything not fast-moving, i.e. sports. The problem shooting quick paced video is that the camera doesn’t have auto focus in video mode, and well, that’s a problem. This is where in situations where high speed action is concerned, larger format cameras are needed.

The problems then with large format cameras are the reverse of the pros of the 5D and DSLR as well as another main concern – price. The price of DSLR’s are generally a lot less than larger format cameras and this goes for lenses, adapters and maintenance.

Audio is another aspect of video production and while other DSLR’s such as the brilliant Panasonic GH2 can record and monitor audio levels, the 5D fails. Audio then, can be recorded on the device although generally, is avoided. The non ability to monitor sound and levels makes larger format and other sound recording DSLR’s more favourable than the Canon 5D.

The 5D however does create beautiful imagery and is one of the reasons that this camera should be used to shoot your video however only if you get your settings right for the right purpose. The camera for all its popularity is just a tool for video and your shooting purpose should always be thought of first before going straight for this camera.


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