Professional Experience Blog (Day 20): Filming Nigerian Event

This event was organised through the marketing and comms team and was one of their more high-profile events. The reason for its high-profile status was the fact that the university is gathering a lot of momentum with its tie-ins all over the world, especially with Africa. The event would involve names coming from Nigeria to Coventry to mingle and attend an awards ceremony with involvement with Nigerian students from the university in which myself and another 2nd year student would cover the event and catch interviews with which I would then go on to edit the piece for web use.

I found myself challenged with very eager and profiled guests with which the interviews were very hard to conduct given we had no idea really who they were. We were given set questions to ask to different people but it become very hard and testing to ask the ‘right’ questions for fear of damaging face of the students of Coventry and personal embarrassment. Also having to hold a rather large camera for 10 interviews in a row is a test of physical endurance too, also add the fact they you are trying to frame and monitor sound levels it all becomes very testing.

The most testing part I find is when I am put on the spot, when the camera is needed to be set and ready to roll in under 10 seconds, when everyone is watching and waiting and you have to deliver and bring all of your skills and knowledge together in such short, short time.

My experience in covering large events is getting better and I feel I can gain what I need and when quite successfully. I understand when to move, what looks good and have a good understanding of how much footage is required for a successful edit.

I am still trying to get the beautiful shots into my work by working with depth of field and I think the lens on the camera I am working with doesn’t do me any favors at all. After watching many videos of the work I have done I think I still need to improve the quality of my image which I am still working on throughout my projects. The advice given to me from a television cameraman during my placement has helped a lot and I feel like I am taking the advice onboard with every shoot. It takes someone 10 years to become an expert at something so I still have plenty of time!

Overall this was a routine shoot and nothing to write home about, its paid work so I am happy and I get to work on my all round skills from technical to soft and I am happy to continue and work on my overall production skills.

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