Professional Experience Blog (Day 18 and 19): MediaDog Hire

After much time and finding time to find the time, I managed to get myself a work placement. After some emails I managed to get a placement at MediaDog Hire in Birmingham ( The placement had been agreed for me to do 4 days there.

The reason behind me choosing a broadcast rental house was for several reasons including getting to see some new kit as opposed to the kit we have in the university, to get contacts within the Industry and to get a placement on my CV at last.

I made sure that I planned well for this placement making sure I made the correct travel arrangements, made sure I took lunch etc and most importantly did my research on the place I was going to. The research helped a lot in the initial contact stage to I found.

I arrived at half past nine, half an hour early simply because I can’t walk slow enough! This wasn’t a problem as some of the (small numbered) staff were there already. I did all the introductions and a quick chat about what I want out of the placement and what they were doing in the week. Unfortunately what they were doing in the week wasn’t really a lot.

This not doing a lot came to be a bit of trouble as I found myself not really doing anything of interest and to best honest the excitement came in fits and starts which just didn’t really click with me at my time there. For example I got to visit Maverick and North One studios while we were collecting equipment but while we were collecting equipment I could do nothing to help because I didn’t know the equipment and the staff all seemed to keen to do it themselves. Secondly, I got to play with the new Canon C300 for 20 mins but ended up sitting in on an edit of a video for what seemed like 20 hours.This was ultimately my fear in doing a placement in such a specialist place where you have to know your stuff rather than being complacent as a runner for example – they even made their own cups of tea!

It also has repercussions and wider context of getting that elusive first step in industry and how and what you need to make that first step and ultimately what you want out of your career. For me and what I was doing in the placement just didn’t suit me and after saying thank you and ensuring I remained in contact with them for further work they may included me in, I said my goodbyes after just the second day.

I felt like I couldn’t continue the extra two days especially as they had nothing planned and meetings with clients on the Friday. It was a shame as I have so many questions and things that I wanted to get out of my placement with them and ultimately left me wanting to find a new placement as soon as possible but due to the fact that university work starts again very soon and my own holiday commitments I have to wait until July to find another placement to continue my learning.

As MediaDog were hiring out to TV Companies and after seeing places like Maverick and Birmingham it left me questioning whether I want that job in TV and to be honest I’m not sure I really do, apart from the odd programme, there is not a lot of TV that I watch, even the guys at MediaDog don’t watch the programming that they provide to!

Like I said however it leaves me asking more questions than of answering them and maybe a more organised placement with better timing would have suited me better. The last thing I want is to come out thinking that I was a quitter, that’s not what I was, I just knew (and I believe they did too) that it just wasn’t the right time for me to be there.

I could say well ‘that’s what to expect out of a work experience placement’ but I believe there is a lot more in a work experience placement than that and it doesn’t dampen my ambition to get more placements on my CV before I finish my degree. I still believe that having that placement experience, being hired by companies and names will show your pedigree and desire when it comes to getting that job after graduating.

I go on now to finishing the last module on my course, have a holiday and come back to begin my search for more work knowing what I know now and go from strength to strength.

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