Professional Experience Blog (Day 17): More CULC Filming

After the success of the first shoot in London I was invited to film a second event that was happening there in involving 6th form students from around London in a day’s ‘The Apprentice’ style business experience.

On the second time round I felt much more at home, I knew the surroundings and the environment much better and I think this lead to an all round better final video. There were also around 70-80 people (10 times the amount which turned u on the first day) which obviously gave more life and interest to the final piece.

Once again I had a good talk with the Dean of the school and she praised the efforts that I was putting into the videos and the project overall. Once again and with every project I asked that if any other filming or video work needs doing then to ask of myself through the marketing department.

I think the overall days came out well and I really enjoyed myself and my time spent in London and it makes all the difference when your based on Coventry for most of the year to have them extra days doing work in new and exiting places and hopefully I will be given the chance to do something like this again.

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