Professional Experience Blog (Day 14):Additional help with short film

The short film I worked on at the beginning of March hit a problem. The problem being that footage had been lost during whilst backing up and the focus was to plan on re-shooting the material in the UK. As this was the case the whole schedule had gone out the window and I felt inclined to help out in other areas which were part of the schedule this included selecting a composer for the film and researching festivals.

The search for a composer had been going a month now with over 80+ replies to look through. I made it my job to search through these and find one suitable enough to compose a soundtrack and to come up with the sound design also. For that it was just a case of whittling down the ones with good experience in the field and came across with good presentation. With so many replies I understand what it feels like to be in the industry sieving though job applications and it made me realise what works in an email and what doesn’t. The way that you word the email and pick what to say when and what showed me how hard it is as well to pick people when you have never met them or ever gave them the chance. I did eventually come up with a list of 10, it felt like they were there from luck than that or skill or defined reasoning.

The second task I helped out with was finding suitable film festivals for the film that it could possible enter. I had so many options and choice when searching. From children’s film festivals to Italian, disabled, student, free, paid entry, food based festivals etc the list goes on. What I picked up a lot on was the timing of each festival as it seemed that most festivals start in the autumn while most student festivals happen around March-April time. I felt   more aware of pricing, restriction and just general entry for short films in particular and has gave me something to think about for my own films too.  In the end I came up with a list of 20 festivals that would work and for reasons some won’t work. I couldn’t say at the moment if the film would be entered but as most entry requirements say, the film can be entered as long as it’s made in the last 3 years, so there’s always next year.

I learnt a fair bit helping out and doing these things to see the project through and take the wight of a little and in the end I helped myself somewhat as well.

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