Professional Experience Blog (Day 13): ‘Guidance’ A Matt Riddle Short Film

As most of the projects I have been working on have dried up and instead of taking a break I decided to help out a friends final project as he required someone to fill in as a sound operator. Having done a larger project abroad I found that doing one day shoot with expenses paid should be comfortable enough for me.

The shoot was in a real nice apartment in Birmingham and the cast and crew were comfortable to work with. Also Matt as a director was the best I have worked with! Also the most calmest person on set I have worked with too. The shoot went well and everything was wrapped up that needed to be in the time allocated and I managed to get another short film shoot in my name.

On a personal level I felt that it was a really testing shoot and it felt like a lot longer time wise than it looked on the clock. I found myself getting tired and agitated and although I didn’t show it, I felt it and I think other members of the crew felt the same. The thing is though, I had to keep reminding myself to stay professional and see the project through with a smile. I understand that I may well be on shoots which are much longer than this and more stressful.

On a technical level I still think I need to tighten my skills up and given the right chance I will do. Moving onto better and higher standard equipment as well will help with this and I feel comfortable to do this, again, when I can. I understand that recording sound is a much to technical job than I would like to pursue, a lot has to do with technicalities like bit rates, waves etc which I just feel isn’t for me. A small project like this, I understand and enjoy the ‘doing’ part but the ‘knowing’ part just doesn’t fit with me.

I noticed that one of the actors was one that I tried to acquire for a film that I had been involved with a few months back (small world) it turns  out that he had been involved with a few short films at the university (very small world) so I felt inclined to show good impressions to show how serious I was about my work.

I didn’t expect to be getting much out of the project as more recently I have felt more inclined to be more selective of what projects I get involved with. Even only as a 2nd year I don’t want to get involved with too many student led projects as they can become very stressful, lack focus and clarity and many other problems witnessed before.

Trying as well to get a variety of types of projects also will help especially as I don’t have any set career goal. For instance, I have done 5/6 short films, compared to the zero placements and of course, no names just self managed/easy reach projects which I feel harms my CV and employability chances. So after this it is now time to start assessing what I plan to get out of my time.

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