A Professional Experiance Blog (Day 11): ‘Gelato’ – Rochielle Parkes Film

Initially at the start of the year it was decided that I would help create and support a student’s short film which would be filmed abroad. The film required me to be the sound operator and any other support role which needed covered on the shoot. As Rochielle had been only planning the film herself and was going to be on camera and directing, she needed the support in these other areas. The Film set in Italy would also include all travel expenses which simply was too hard to turn down.

Before the shoot I made sure all of the mic’s, recording devices, cables were all working and in good order. I wanted to be as professional as possible and treat the project with utmost respect. I also knew other areas of equipment and helped make sure that this too was kept in good order before we left.

On the day of the shoot I found sound operating enjoyable because it’s a personal, solitude role where you  look after your own equipment and do minimal interfering. I felt I did this role well and made sure that ALL sound was recorded and whether ALL sound needed to be recorded mattered or not, I didn’t take any chances. Making sure that the director played back the takes made sure I was doing the role to the required standard also helped as this was something that the director requested at frequent intervals.

Having worked with children for the first time too was a challenge but once they were mic’ed up it didn’t seem to be a problem and after the day working on sound it was good to spend a few areas working with other equipment. For instance working with the jib on a busy town square was ‘interesting’ and felt exiting to be part of but just being part of the film was in essence brilliant to hold.

As well as the technical roles I helped learn from the actors that were in the film. They, having plenty of experience working with crews were always there if I wanted to ask questions to hear how other people did certain things and pick up advice etc. One of the actors is a film director in Rome and he too gave good advice and it was good to hear his back story and why he does what he does.

Over all on day one I did everything I could have done and without over stepping my role. Too many times people over step and if your going to start at the bottom of the pile you have got to know when to shut up and just do your job and that’s what I did. It was all good practice for when I hit the real world jobs and placements where doing as you told and at the right times, asking questions, will do you in good stead.

It was on to tomorrow where we were wrapping up the filming and getting ready to fly back.

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