A Professional Experience Blog(Day 9): Sports At The Games – Synchronised Swimming

This was the third video of the series our team worked on, again I was still producing the videos for our team and this time we went swimming.

Boyd from the confidence of the boxing shoot we were given the dates, times and places that the Coach of the club agreed would work for us. The first hurdle I found was trying to suit everyone. Times, dates,places, other commitments, equipment bookings were all part of  a struggle to get the shoot done and in on time. Having the keep relaying changes to the Coach of the club too was hard because I didn’t want to mess her around so I learnt a great deal with this. I was also happy to bring in extra crew, for example we had a new sound operator and a photographer. As well as this we had to find a presenter for the video, I took the job on  to email Journalism student to see if anyone was interested, I ended up with over 10 willing presenters which I was proud to pass over to executive producer, but even to this day, she has never used them for people in need of a presenter.

The shoot went really well, applying everything from setup to working with coaches and working with camera-shy people – it was all applied to this shoot. We had a new presenter which was good to work with as it felt more authentic and professional to work with that on previous shoot where we had media production ones. The only problem we came across was we didn’t include a shot list so at times we didn’t know which bit to film next or in what order which made us look a bit foolish at times but we have learnt that now.

I have to admit it wasn’t the most testing of shoots, it was in a nice, controlled area and people weren’t outside or effected by the elements in any way. The outcome of the shoot was always going to be good enough and no doubt more testing shoots will be ahead, such as equestrian for example. Looking at feedback too, I think the Coach was very happy and having  seen some of the footage has asked for copies of it when it is finished. The Director of Photography who worked in the group has also stated that our group has been the best to work for, so that’s pleasing to hear, but I won’t take it on board too much because we can always improve.

Over all I feel I have reinforced what I have been saying already that keeping a cool and calm head always and not getting carried away so early has been important and I often find I remind myself these things when the going gets tough. I will note however that I am disappointed that as of yet, none of these videos have been edited, due to problems beyond our teams control, with little over a month to get them completed.

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