A Professional Experience Blog: (Day 8) Sports at the Games – Boxing Shoot

This shoot was a good 2 months after the shambolic shoot of the canoe sprint, we had to turn this one around quite quickly.

The team had acquired a new member on sound and a new camera operator for the shoot which I think helped the team all round as having people who wanted to be involved and wanted to commit to the project is always going to be a good thing. Also because of the problems faced and experience in the first shoot I think we all new we had to improve, it was the natural thing to do.

The shoot went really well, we had in the end three camera operators which maximised our chances for better footage, we had a better focus on what had to be done and I think there was a better realisation that we had something good, especially after the test footage we took the week before the shoot. There was also a bonus of having one of our team as a member of the club which helped a lot with communication between us and the club and although that sounds a good thing, professionally it was disappointing not having that challenge of working purely with strangers. It did however get us better footage and that’s what mattered.

We had problems with the sound operator on the day as inexperience with the equipment let us down and ended up wasting 20 minutes and trying to work out how to use the equipment. I think if anything that was the disappointing bit of the shoot and apart from that we left with our heads held high.

From a personal level I found the problems, time-wasting, inexperience frustrating. I think I still struggled to keep my frustration to a minimum and as team leader on the project I like to get the best and strive for professionalism every time and when things don’t go right I don’t hide from it, so I’m still working on ‘chilling out’.

What helped as well on the shoot was being prepared. As producer I had to hold all the information about the shoot, much of which I didn’t use or have in the first shoot. Times of each segments, what needed to be said and when, getting exactly what we needed, all helped a lot with the production and of course these skills are transferable to other projects so I think I learned that too.

So overall I think it gave the whole team a kick which we needed to take forward into the remaining shoots, we all knew the consequences and will take everything on board that we learned on each day.

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