A Professional Experience Blog: (Day 7) Sports At The Games – Canoe Sprint

The canoe sprint video was the first video that I was involved with as producer of a series of videos involved with Coventry & Warwickshire sports at the games campaign. This post is a reflection of what happened on the day and my reflections of what happened and how I feel now.

The six videos I was given to produce I felt would be quite easy depending on what kind of crew I was given. As they were supposedly dived up with good teams that work well together, I was fairly happy with the crew I was given because  having known who the team were, felt I knew their strengths and weaknesses.

The problems which occurred in the first video were a real learning curve. Initially having a team of six, which on the day of the shoot came down to half of that was quite scary. Being the producer of a team which were not coherent with the equipment or whom were simply missing on the day was quite scary to get involved with. Not only that but on the day there was our team and another team filming another variant of the sport which made this quite a challenge and I really had to get my producer brain in gear to work around it.

We had many problems all round but the ones I wanted to pick up on was how I am developing myself when things do go wrong. I find myself to get quite angry and frustrated when we have problems (and there have been a few) and people can see that happening. I like to keep in check with times, follow storyboards and make sure people stay in their roles and when things go wrong I’m still learning how to deal with that.

This happened in one of the first team producer meetings where all groups seem to have everyone on board and were meeting regularly etc. My team however were not and it made me feel like I looked bad as a producer. I was the only second year producer and I wanted to make a good name for myself and because I had these problems I got annoyed and said things which were inappropriate given the circumstances that they are now. In fact looking back now I feel our team is much tighter as a unit than most other groups which is good to see.

The results of the shoot was tragic and led in a re-shoot, much like the other group who were filming on the day as well, this goes on to summarise what could have been improved. We had no presenter, we had no core camera ops and the sound was appalling, everything could have been improved but it was a learning curve which has ultimately made us much stronger as a team and individuals.

I have learnt also to try to plan ahead and plan in case things go wrong. Equipment, personal, working with clients, what to say to clients, how to come across to people, these have all been highlighted as areas which I think, we were all a bit rusty at. The first shoot we had done, it was bound to happen and I think these skills were to be improved in future videos.

We all had to get to grips with the technicalities of the shoot and the rigor involved with the series, it was a wake up call to us all, it wasn’t pleasant but that was the best way to learn.

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