A Professional Experience Blog: (Day 6) NVCS Video

Having already completed a couple of videos for NVCS (National Vending Company) in the summer 2011 and to a high standard I was called up once again to shoot extra material for the existing videos which have already been made. The brief given was to go down with the client to one of the locations which we hadn’t filmed at before and simply get 20-30 seconds of extra material to add to the previous edit and then export and give to the client for whichever use they desire.

Having now access to the Canon 5d we decided that, having used DSLR before hand, that we should use this camera, even though the quality may be a little better than previous. All the equipment we used before made it on the shoot and we worked out transport with the client before and they managed to get us there and back which suited us.

Having worked with them before the pressure was of a little as they knew what we were capable of and let us get on with it as we pleased. I worked with a 3rd year on this project and as she worked as the camera op and editor, I worked as the videos producer relaying info, directions and other things which needed doing on the day. Throughout the project however I managed all the client related jobs such as phone calls, emails and of course the payment.

The main thing I took away from this was having a name on my CV that I had worked with, I understand it’s not British Gas, Nestle or BT for example, but it showed to possible other clients that I can work with a name and that they are happy to provide a good reference if I needed one or recommendations to other clients which may take an interest in the work that we had done.

Although I did get this project through family I still tried to remain as impartial and unbiased as I could throughout the project. The problem with working for family is the payment which was received afterwards and the negotiating had that awkward “how much shall we charge for this?” or “shall I really take that money?” moment which I think, judging on feedback was worth more than we agreed and that if this wasn’t family, how much higher a fee could have been agreed.

The good thing from this however was that we got the job in the first place and that from the work which was done in the summer they wanted to come back and pay for extra footage which was good. Also having made connections with a marketing company who came down on the day also adds to my list on contacts gained.

I am still often in contact with the clients as they have some work coming up for us, or are trying to get us involved in some work later on this year. I think it’s good to see businesses trusting in students and not going straight to the professionals for projects and I hope that many other businesses are likewise in this approach.

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