Analysis: Violet – FOR ASSESSMENT

Narrative and scripting – The narrative of the film has been shown well, I think there is an understand of who the characters are, what the characters are doing but without giving away too much about where the film is going or leading too. The story is however very basic in nature and in terms of something different and exiting I’m not sure if it delivers.  The script was also very basic and I felt didn’t do enough in terms of drafting and re-drafting during this stage, the way that phrases were said and there meaning as characters and their feelings and point of views were not considered fully.

Characters – The acting in parts was very poor and the actors, I don’t think were fully ‘in the zone’ when it came to their role, the female who played Violet (Maryann O’Brien) was very good at her parts and almost seemed out-of-place compared to the other two, there was too much of a jump in quality in the actors which although denting the piece, also kept the film more credible at the same time.

Production Values – The majority of the film was shot very well and there was some very nice shots of the location and it really made the film stand out. The big problem was sound as only the rifle mic was used on production day it basically shot the film in the foot as it caught too much external sound especially with the first location. The sound was improved on the other locations and kept it together. Not using the JVC camera shows as the picture isn’t as good as it could be considering it’s dubbed HD although the grading has helped with image somewhat.

Editing – As I felt the story was too long a story for 3 minutes it ultimately comes across as a rushed film and that everything conveniently comes across nicely in three minutes but then again, most films do . I think it could have done with more space and shots of time passing to give it a breather and give the audience some composure time, there are plenty of shots which have been filmed which could have been used to help the pacing. I think too much criticism the colouring looked good on the film and the transition scene was different and not seen so much in student film. As audio was a problem I don’t think enough was done to fix the issue in which we needed to take it out and put it into an audio editor and see what was to be done here.

The location was one of the best points of the film but I don’t want to be tempted to say it masks the film with good visuals. I would have liked to see more of the location used in the edit as mentioned above and of different angles and for purpose, for instance, could we have used a jib in the shots of the location or used a track too?  I thought it was a well thought out location too but could have been used more cleverly with more planning.

Music – The music to some disagreement was a good fit, I liked the music we used because it added different moods and the different levels and notes made dramatic parts more dramatic and almost had that grand feeling to it. Also as the music was composed to purpose, I haven’t seen too many student films to do this.

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