When I first watched this film, I didn’t ‘get it’. It had so many comments about its beautiful image, how it was put together and how the music was put with the image really well. I had to agree that the film was edited well but I found that shot’s were shaky and the movement was off-putting to the eye. I felt the music was really complimentary of the piece and gave audio-colour to what would have been quite dull without it. I have really wanted to look more into music in film and especially soundtracks for short-experimental films as I feel especially within my own productions, could be brilliant to show. Eventually I found that the water in the video was actually VFX which was blended in with the image. It was a real eye opener to see talent like that on Vimeo but I felt that whether it was the artists intention to highlight the water or not it took me too long to realise what I was watching.  What I have taken from this is that a short film doesn’t need to have a narrative to be great. A short film is many things, it can be anything that you want it to be and that’s also what media production is about too.
Artist Wanted: | In Focus Pete Eckert
The last point made above is that short film, doesn’t have to have this storybook narrative, its purely a convention described to categorically set boundaries on films in terms of duration. That, that seems so obvious has only started to come clear with me during this film. The film itself incorporates many different styles from documentary to photography and fine art. Not taking anything away from the content but I take away the ideas of different styles in video production such as the ones mentioned and really using them as a pallet to make great video. It’s again something I’d like to do in my work is to use not only other styles but use individuals in that particular field to put their knowledge or insight  into shot selection for example, or competition, colour even casting. I have took away that making a short can be socially, personally provoking. Making a film that people will learn from on a wider scale is also inline with media production as a whole.
Typography can also be very important in media production as good typography can really change a piece and change the feel for the viewer. It can separate good video from amateur video, professional from student etc etc. Many films that I have seen tend to use text in very creative ways and I think this helps round off a film for the better as well as add that personal touch.
December 15th
I have to say that I didn’t like this film very much. I feel it was because I knew the story line to well, like I had seen it all before, like a drunken uncle a few years back. Aside from the predictable story it had one of the topics that I feel has come up a lot recently: Masking poor content with Superior quality. Especially with the rise of cheap DSLR camera’s a lot of individuals find it too easy to film crap in HD. The question would be, would this look good on a lesser quality camera?  The answer to most would end up being no. I have always wanted to see great footage filmed and edited on lesser quality equipment, for it to be really judged on content, not picture quality alone.
Also the use of music in these crap HD videos is that they also wear an audio mask to disguise, almost as a quick fix to an emotionless piece. It is becoming all to common in many videos that this happens, that we get attached to the song and it takes a lot away from the piece.
Wrestling for Jesus (trailer) 
As mentioned with ‘Artist Wanted’ I liked the way that they had use different styling to make the piece. It was current, engaging and enjoyable to watch although only being a trailer. It looked as if it had numerous layers to it, e.g informative and entertaining which hold’s up well in a film. It also show’s that it has a life outside the box, it represents a community and is a great social documentation of life. Technically it has that ‘go with what looks good’ attitude, I think this works and comes up with some great shot variation. The piece also uses great typography which makes the film look unique and different to anything else.  More and more films that I see are using text as a prominent part of their video, and with great results.
Ceder Point
Although very short the film was very unique and different. The use of people created an emotional short and at times came across very gorilla like with its shots. Often I see too many videos which ‘watch’ their actors and not many talk to them which for once is nice to see. There was also imagination put into it with lots of varied outcomes but also some very well constructed images too. The film and the one above tell me that it’s possibly then to make a film too, about people and places and especially also, when coming up with ideas that anything can be possible.

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