Choice of Equipment for Filming

For Violet we decided on a very basic kit indeed with one major change.

After the test shoot and our practice run with the JVC we decided against using it as we felt like the camera was flawed for several reasons.

The footage on the camera didn’t match that of the captured footage – After capturing the footage from the test shoot, we were surprised by the outcome when captured. At the last stage of the test shoot and no nokia short created we felt like we had to make a decision to either use the JVC or drop down to the Sony cameras. We decided to do this for a number of reasons. One because the camera man and some of the crew wasn’t fully comfortable with the  JVC, we didn’t want to ruin our film and waste time on what would be a very tight schedule. The fact that we had great footage from the Z1 last time out, we decided we could replicate this again.

We were secondly unsure on how much space the memory cards would hold during our shooting time and thus felt like using tape would be much easier than capturing footage on the day. My own thoughts on this would be that we could get away with this and would give the team valuable experience doing this, however with uncomfortable crew members, we went against it.

For sound we used a rifle mic to record sound, this took its toll during the edit stage as lapel mics would have been more practical however the level of uncertainty amongst members of the group left us using a rifle mic on the shoot. Other standard kit included XLR’s, tripods and fish poles.

Overall I don’t think we pushed the boat out technically, simply because of inexperience within the group. Although we should have taken all kit out for a test shoot, other commitments had gotten in the way of this happening, thus we had to stick with what we knew on the day. Specialist kit such as jib’s, steady cams and red rocks were never considered because of this lack of testing. It’s disappointing for this to happen but we will see when we have the finished film.


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