Real World Impact: Ideas, impacts, the value of worth and saying ‘No’ to people.

For this task, I fully understand the importance of making material which will help and benefit people in the ‘real world’ if you like. As media producers and students of said media it is our task to make things which help others. We have the tools, equipment and the knowledge to help others in this heavily saturated climate who otherwise don’t have the right armory to do these things. It never really occurs to me the amount  of people who take a pleasure and gratitude for something which is fairly simple to make and produce.

Take the documentary task for example (that is still on going, thanks for asking…) , it has lead to me being really involved with people and has helped me connect with them personally. One of the team is a frustrated film maker, I listened to his ideas, shared some tips and even got asked if I wanted to make a film with him, hell, I don’t even get asked that in my own course!

The work load that comes out of helping people can however be a struggle and it makes you value your time to what you commit too; the problem I have is signing up to too many opportunities. I end up with a full diary and at current find myself bogged down with so many projects that I end up forgetting which ones are what and are of what significance. This is valuable learning too, don’t forget, doing the projects which are going to help you develop as a person and by doing the things that are significant and worthwhile to you personally are ultimately the things that you gain most worth out of personally and to others. The hard part is deciding which projects and which opportunities you say ‘No’ to or offer to help in bit-part or later on when you have time.

I guess then the idea of saying no to people is something which covers all of my modules of both my course and my life. Saying no is an art, it’s a bastard to master. Just recently I told myself no more projects, a week later I’d signed up for two more!


So to this weeks task then, ‘make what ever you like, edit it and upload by 4pm the same day’

For this I got as far as the idea stage in which I have three which I feel could all be interesting films:

1. A promo for creative activism. I think as a student I struggled to understand the course, its aims and what it’s truly about at the core. I think a video explaining this in better detail would be a great way to advertise it for future use and progress next year. This doesn’t simple have to be an interview but product placement in a shop? e.g getting a milk carton with a creative activism logo next to Cravandale in Tesco’s? or creative activism bread next to Hovis in Sainsburys? Answers on a postcard.

2. The Media Loan Shop: A convenient truth? – What truly is behind the wall in Ellen Terry’s loan shop? I’l never know, but with a video we could find out, would work for current and upcoming Coventry university students. Also would work well for potential thieves having a video schematic of the shop for Italian Job style raid.

3. The burger Van outside my flat sells great food, cheaply too and the nice ladies serving the food would make a great interview. What’s it like going up against fast food giants Mcdonalds corp? Or KFC corp? Or do they expand business by going else where?  It’s also a positive film which cheers people up, I like that, and for people who see the film, they will always remember that burger van on Far Gosford Street.

Would love some feedback on these.


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  1. OK This one hurts 🙂
    I can totally relate, saying No is something I’m learning myself too. Two new projects for, and the week isn’t over yet!
    The good thing about being ‘in demand’ is that you can have a say in how things are done – Yes I can join but only if X and Y happen in a certain way, otherwise I can’t commit. It makes people value your time and investment too, which I think benefits everyone as a result.

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