Documentary: Green@CU

Just a quick project update on my film I would like to make in conjunction with Green@CU.

It has taken me a while to get through to the organisation themselves, the first port of call was there Facebook page. This is also where they initially made a call for a video editor to edit something they may have made. This is quite a stroke of luck I felt as Green were a group whom were fighting for a better environment, much in the same way I am and the fact that they were looking for an editor, may allow me to help make a promotional video for them.

I initially contacted the name in response to the job and even dropped him a personal message with my email address to response to. It was not until last night (Sunday 5th) that another name I contacted got back to me. She seemed pleased to help but said that they will be having a meeting Wednesday and will discuss it then. It is a slow process and may not be finished this week but I will continue to try to work with them and help there cause.

I have plans to keep the video very simple and ask questions in a promotional-organisational style, at the end of the project they should have a video to help their cause which by trying to make Coventry University a greener place to study.

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