Location Recce 27/01/12

After three weeks into the project we have decided to do a recce. The locations have very much inspired the film so as a team it seemed logical that we traveled to see the locations and do a proper check.

The two locations: Ashow and Guy’s Cliffe were as mentioned the inspiration for the film, the dark forests, quiet scenery and the old mansion would become perfect backdrops and with the colour grading added it will become another beautiful image to behold.

By car it took us 20-25 minutes but only having one car it was important to check the public transport systems to see how it was best to get there. We had problems before when getting to and from locations and having only one car can be a problem so we have to look into not making the same mistakes.  The travelling was good and it was a fairly easy route to get to by car, between the two locations however requires a 10-15 minute drive so we will have to look at possibly ways to get from location A to location B and C.

The locations themselves were public fields and footpaths as well as public walking routes, I will be looking into cross-checking permission for all locations before we begin however these locations are empty and we often found ourselves being the only ones about for quite a while.

I have tried my best with the stills below to get photographs for possible shooting angles, however with the script still not complete and un-story boarded these cannot be final. Sound problems occurred on one location as the further we walked the more the sound of traffic came into ear and potentially mic shot.

Unfortunately there are no power outlets on location which will rule out lighting other than pag lights however there is a pub near one location which came in handy when it started to rain! This may be a good outlet for food and water and possible costume changing area/ general retreat fortress.

The conditions of the location were very muddy and sensible footwear/clothing is essential to keep warm and keep practical. A lot of what we film however will depend how the script/storyboard will turn out. I will also be posting up the risk assessment form in due time.

Here are some of the product photos taken today from 13:00 to 15:30, just to give a view of light available and conditions at 7 degrees C.


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  1. Bear in mind traffic has different intensity on different days and times (especially weekdays vs. weekends). If you have traffic sound in the background be wary about using rifle mics as they can sometimes pick up too much of the ambient noises. I’d suggest bringing along different types of microphones and testing them on the day.
    Good luck, this project already looks very promising!

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