Football shirts, aka the new price tags. Task #1*

For the first task I wanted to show the transforming face of world football and of course the huge amounts of money involved with the game and how football shirts can help keep the money flowing into the sport.

The idea I have is simple, the name and number on the back of the shirt reflects the name of the player and how much the club who owns the player is willing to accept for the player as a team goes in to buy during the football transfer market. As we all know football is game dictated by money, greed, power and corruption and what better way to help keep the trend going and getting rid of old school negotiations than with this new method.

Of course with many football teams going out of business due to lack of money, even other sports like Ice hockey, which is struggling to keep a whole league going, football clubs and players will struggle to know what to do with all the cash and extra endorsement money when it comes in on the last Monday of the month.

Here are just 6 players sporting their new price tag shirts, you too can pick them up for just fifty pounds per shirt, happy days.

The reason why I chose this idea was because money in sport frustrates me, it annoys me that players, hero’s and role model’s can get easily turned by the power of the pound; it upsets me to see individuals consider their financial options before anything else. The images themselves are not very well done, I’ll admit, but I think the point and the ideas behind them matter more than the skill level involved in the piece.

I must admit that photography and the art of the image is not my strong point and I found coming up with an initial idea and concept very difficult to come by without forcing  it upon myself to work on an idea that I didn’t fully commit too.

These images are not my own, I’m so sorry if I have stolen them, if you want them back for any reason, you can.

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